13 July 2012

Frank Ocean is Gay!

Or bisexual. Either way, big flipping deal. Wanna know how many damns I give about that man's sexuality? I'll give you two guesses and they both begin with zero.

What I *do* give a damn about is quality music, of any genre. Ask anyone in touch and they'll tell you that Frank Ocean is arguably the greatest young talent in R&B today. No shade to Trey or Breezy, but Frank makes a very different type of music for a very different audience.

I listen to Chris Brown when I'm escorting my young cousins around. I listen to Trey Songz when I'm making love to my wife. I can listen to Frank Ocean when I'm writing a new BITM article, though. Don't get it twisted, there is a lot of talent out there that can used in various situations but you'd be hard pressed to say that Frank Ocean isn't submitting some soulful music that is definitely reaching across age and gender lines.

So what if he's bisexual? Did you listen to his music before you knew he was bi? Did you like it? You did? Good! Did you listen again afterward? Oh, you did? Did it sound different? Of course not!

I know our people (read: urban) tend to be fickle when it comes to sexuality. Either you're straight or you're gay and if you're gay, you have to be RuPaul. That's not acceptable, people. I'll ask you this and them ill pack up my suitcase: what makes being gay or bi in hip-hop and R&B any different than being Black in America? Why is it "ok" to judge someone based on their personal preference?

He makes amazing music; the brother has talent; he can write, sing, produce, garner amazing features (PLEASE tell me you heard that track with Andre 3000) and still keep an audience captivated and awaiting his next album or mixtape. So why are we judging him?

When will the petty fears of a Gay Rapper cease?

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  1. people always saying "keep it real" and this young man has and i guess its too real for some. i love it! i can't be mad at anyone that's being themselves and i have so much respect for those that are being themselves because so many people are scared to...thanks for shining some positive light on the situation.