09 February 2016

VIDEO: Your Old Droog - 42 (Forty Deuce)

NY emcee Your Old Droog began his career with a lot of publicity. His first EP dropped in 2014, but most hip hop heads thought it was an incognito Nas album. Since Droog's cadence is eerily similar to that of the QB veteran, people thought the album was a clever deception. They thought Your Old Droog was a character created by Nas to bring back the golden era sound of hip hop. But Droog has proven that while the comparisons to the hip hip legend are welcome, he is his own emcee and his lyrics are strong enough to stand alone. But this scenario isn't unique to Droog. Most recently I recall that Action Bronson dealt with comparisons to Ghostface Killah when he entered the game. And even though Action and Droog definitely benefited from the extra attention, I actually feel the spotlight creates a more difficult route for the emcee. Trying to escape the large shadow of a hip hop legend is a herculean task. But it also weeds out the weak. If Action Bronson and Your Old Droog were just one-dimensional rappers, they would not last in the game.

Since Droog channels that 90s flow into his style, it is no surprise that I was a fan from the jump. The single 42 (Forty Deuce) is a Marco Polo produced track that samples the 1986 Nu Shooz track I Can't Wait. Forty Deuce is what NY natives commonly refer to as Time Square. Droog takes us on a trip through his old stomping grounds and the visual adds to the immersive feel of the track. From disc mans, to the Hard Rock Cafe, to Elmo, Droog captures the sights of Time Square of the 90s.

So peep video below and support Your Old Droog. I'm also posting the sampled track I Can't Wait to go down even deeper the nostalgia rabbit hole.

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