27 June 2016

VIDEO: Beyoncé - Freedom ft Kendrick Lamar (2016 BET Awards)

My normal routine for any award show hosted by BET (or MTV..or..anyone) is this: step one - forget when show airs, and step 2 - the day after click through highlights that grab my attention (once they flood the internet). The BET Hip Hop Awards cyphers have made it into this schedule. But the BET Awards haven't had a signature segment that has warranted my interest. The hosts (mostly comedians) have done aight, they've had funny monologues and sometimes have taken the time to address social issues. But for the most part, these shows are watered down and don't really promote what I would consider 'real hip hop.' It is a mainstream award that couldn't be any more cookie cutter. And I could pout and cry about how the category for "Best Male Hip-Hop Artist" is atrocious if it contains Fetty Wap and Future, but I won't (even though I kinda just did). Instead, I will share the first image/link that caught my attention.

Even though Beyoncé's Lemonade has made the headlines for airing out her grievances with husband Jay Z, she also has socially conscious tracks sprinkled throughout her 6th solo LP. One of my favorites (even though I haven't heard the whole album) is "Freedom." The feature from Kendrick Lamar of course peaked my interest, since I knew that Bey wouldn't waste the collab with the lyrical emcee. Pairing these two juggernauts creates an expectation from a large demographic. Mrs. Carter's affect on pop culture (and even beyond that) is undeniable, and Kendrick has solidified the type of influential artist he wants to be. The single does not disappoint, and the live performance adds another level to the track. Both are known for putting on unforgettable live performances, and both artists gave the best performance of the night (while I haven't seen any other performance, I still stand behind that statement). So take a minute, and peep the video below.

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