22 June 2018

Facebook Jail | B-Sides Podcast

Serious question...and don't lie...

Have you known ANYONE who ever landed in Facebook Jail before?  Or better yet, how many of y'all have even HEARD of it?  If you haven't, this might be the craziest rant you'll hear in 2018.  Listen as The Niftian goes on a five minute rant about what landed him in Facebook Jail over and over again.  Was Facebook buggin for putting our dude in time out over some small shit?  Or are we blind to the underlying irony behind the most mentally enslaving form of media sending you to 'jail,' whilst simultaneously 'freeing' you?  Which ever side of the fence you're on about Facebook Jail, just know that none of this shit matters to stayfly.  Listen to find out why.

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