"The man who has no imagination has no wings." - Ali

stayfly is a graphic/web designer based out of VA and currently holding down a j.o.b. in MD. He met seƱor Niftian back in 2001 as college freshmen at VCU through his roommate TwonJohnson. In addition to sharing a tendency to staying up all night for no damn reason, they also shared a love of Hip-Hop. They had their Winamp stocked with music and stuck on play (aint pay for electricity in dorms so literally bumped Hip-Hop 24-7. and Winamp is a media player for you 90s babies..I guess trying to explain what a boombox is would be pointless..I digress). stayfly reconnected with Niftian and TwonJohnson back in 2010 and he joined the BITM army in 2012.

In high school he was given the moniker spanishfly by a classmate. Once in college it evolved to stayfly for two reasons: due to the fact that he would spend his time/money (recklessly) on (in retrospect he probably didn’t need EVERY color tim and fitted..but you live and learn). And the other is a play off the word “fly”. In Peru the word “mosca” literally means the insect as well..but it is also used in slang to mean “sharp, clever or observant”. He also goes by sdotfly (this happened by chance due to the fact that when he wanted to created he found that was already was born). The contrast of these two diverse meanings of “fly” encompasses the complex nature of stayfly. In essence the name is a fusion of the two cultures he loves: the Hip-Hop culture and the Spanish culture. This unique upbringing has served him well so far and stayfly hopes that it also allows him to contribute yet another pov to the already diverse BITM movement.

stayfly has been growing in the two areas that fuel his life: Hip-Hop and art. His earliest memory of Hip-Hop is from elementary school..hearing Donnie Simpson introduce “Gin and Juice”. Since then it has been a rap. Around the same time he also began to discover his love of art and all things creative. His parents kept him busy in art/design programs from an early age. And stayfly added to his Hip-Hop IQ with his own research and by keeping up to date with all the latest news and songs from WPGC and WKYS (and BET..before it became what it is now…). His parents also exposed him to different genres of music..his father is a HUGE classic rock fan and his mother is always listening to Spanish ballads and salsa (not the food..). Other music genres he enjoys includes r&b..reggae..go-go..merengue..bachata and old school. As stayfly did his knowledge of the Hip-Hop culture as well as his skill to design and create. The culmination is two-fold: his alliance with BITM that provides a platform for him express his Hip-Hop views..and his latest website that show cases his design skills.

Top 10
Big Pun
Andre 3000
Styles P
Yasiin Bey
Ghostface Killah
Honorable Mentions
Big L
Method Man
Jay Electronica
Kendrick Lamar

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  1. StayFly is a true HipHop Historian. He is also one great web designer and graphic artist. Proud to know you Bro!

    Demi G.