06 September 2012

Take Two: Lupe Fiasco vs. Chief Keef

This article comes off the heels of reading the recent tweet-beef between fellow Chicagoan rappers Lupe Fiasco and Chief Keef (Peep the article here).

Lupe makes an amazing point, in that all of the true knuckleheads out there who exist for no other reason than to run the streets terrorizing and acting wreckless all look like Chief Keef. I have to be honest, I even have family members who look almost identical to Chief Keef, with the same level of ignorance, just broke. At this point, Keef's one saving grace is that he has a little money in his pockets now, but youngins out there in the streets won't hesitate to attack their own kin if they felt they could make a quick stack off it.

It's that group that Lupe Fiasco is shining light on, and him pointing out the fact OUR generation fears THAT generation couldn't be more accurate. What makes Lupe's revelation even more troubling is the fact that there is virtually no one who can get through to a "Chief Keef" type. "We gon do what the FUCK we wanna do," would probably be the response you get. What does one do when they see a rottweiler running around with no leash? A wreckless and uncontrollable generation that cannot be saved by anyone. Are these kids really our future?

It's easy to see this as Lupe backing down to a teenager, but it's far deeper than just a one on one twitter beef. Lupe is addressing an entire generation that is lost, and it's a shame that artist's like Keef are allowed to have deals because they are doing nothing but exacerbating a lifestyle and a mentality that has no future in the free world.

Above all else, though, my main problem with all of this from a musical standpoint is the fact that Lupe is indirectly promoting Chief Keef right now, which is the last thing that needs to happen. I suppose it couldn't be avoided though, much like this article, because a far more important issue needed to be addressed.

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