10 April 2013

VIDEO: J Cole - Power Trip ft Miguel

In the rap game we are used to having album release dates pushed back for one reason or another. But if we go by the all reliable Twitter, we now know J Cole's highly anticipated sophomore studio album Born Sinner will drop June 25th. But even if we ignore his critically acclaimed mixtapes and just focus on his debut, Cole World: The Sideline Story, one could make the case for Jermaine as being one of the "best up and coming emcees" in the game (or whatever title you want to give them).

His second single Power Trip features Miguel on the hook (as well as J Cole himself) which is essentially Dreams (off of The Warm Up) part 2. In Dreams J Cole fantasizes about a girl who already has a man, a la LL COOL J's Hey Lover. But his day dreaming turns into a nightmare as he plots to kill the boyfriend.

Power Trip is a bit more subtle but still evokes the same strong raw emotion. He even eludes to the previous track with the line: "I even wrote the song Dreams for you". We assume he is still talking about the same girl and even though he is now a celebrity, he still fantasizes about being with her. While this song is not as direct as Dreams, the video really makes the connection between the two tracks. So peep, and let us know what you think.

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