04 July 2013

REVIEW: Kanye West - Yeezus

This man needs no introduction.  Considered to be a skilled poet, a genius to others, and a crazy asshole to the rest, Kanye West is a lot of things but doesn't care about what you say about him or his music. His controversially-titled album “Yeezus” dropped on June 18th. The album has received a lot of praises and backlash from fans and bloggers worldwide.

This Lp is slightly similar to the sound of “808’s & Heartbreak,” but more techno and dub step is integrated into the tracks. A lot of the tracks have an eerie sound that might not appeal to most listeners. Kanye did add some nice base guitar sounds and hard knocking beats that may keep your attention if this is naturally not your cup of tea. Some of the beats are hot though. As far as with music, there seems as if there is no degree that limits Kanye’s creativity with his producing skills.

As far as the lyrical content of the album, it is more of a sequel to Kanye’s half of his joint album with Jay-Z, “Watch the Throne.” A lot of this album is either “luxury rap” or snappy and sarcastic punch-lines. There are tracks that have depth to them like “New Slaves,” which is by far the best track on the album from start to finish. “New Slaves” is pretty much Ye commenting on how people (especially black people) have succumb to material things, but the “new slaves” include anyone that has given way to the belief that they need these things. The message on this track can be easily overlooked because of the beat and darker-toned loops.

Overall, I was not impressed with Yeezus. I honestly would not consider this to be hip-hop/rap or even an alternative. This was a pop/go-go mix that failed at trying to crossover with hip-hop. The only tracks that deserved any play to me were “New Slaves” and “Bound 2.” There have been listeners who thought the project was amazing, but this was shunned by all of BITM. Album cameos include God, Chief Keef, King Louie, Kid Cudi, Charlie Wilson, Frank Ocean and Justin Vernon. This is definitely Kanye’s worst thing that he has ever put out, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion…

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