16 November 2011

Two New Reviews Coming!

I didn't want y'all to think I'd abandoned you. I haven't. I recently bought two new albums, Mac Miller's "Blue Slide Park" and Drake's "Take Care" jawn. I'm still giving Blue Slide Park a few extra listens to make sure I can give it an honest review and then Drake's synopsis is coming soon after that one.

I know many of you copped "Take Care" last week when it leaked. I didn't. I would say it's because of my integrity, but it isn't. It's because the internet where I currently am sucks horribly, and a lot of sites are blocked. Hell, I had to write the admins just to get THIS site unblocked. Geez...see what I'm dealing with here? Also, as a result, I haven't been able to record any new videos for the YouTube site. Speaking of which, have you been there yet? www.YouTube.com/BestInTheMix Do yourselves a favor and check it out. I know for a FACT that you'll like it. Music and humor...what could be better? If you've peeped the new Drake jawn, drop us a line at TheNiftian@gmail.com and tell us your honest thoughts. I've heard good and bad thus far, but you know we'll give it to you raw!

Anyhoo, check back soon as I'll have the Mac Miller review up and Drake's jawn up a few days after that. And if anyone asks you where you're getting the most real, most honest, most sincere news on your favorite artists, tell them you keep up with the Best In The Mix!

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