30 June 2012

One Hungry Youngin'

With the growth of Hip-Hop worldwide in today’s society, more people are affected within this genre of music. More people are going to want to drop a hot 16 (whether for fun or to actually make it a career), make beats, blog, or be involved with it period.

This article is about a local artist from my hometown of Inkster, Michigan. Inkster is nowhere near as big as Detroit but it is a part of the Metro-Detroit area. It’s still the hood but this artist overcame the adversity. I was with him in band and the boy is talented. He can sing, play the saxophone, guitar, piano, recorder, harmonica, and his lyrics only get better. He reminds me of a premature Sleepy Brown. This artist is very soulful and keeps it old school. A lot of the music that is old school whether rap, gospel, R&B, rock, he put me on. This new artist goes by the name of Dev and he reps Blue Team. He isn’t a gang banger, he just likes the color blue and founded a camp by the name of which.

He dropped his first mixtape a little earlier this year (before I was on this great team of Best In The Mix!). Gone Fellow is the name of Dev’s ep. He did everything by himself completely. The stories and some of the lyrics that he says in his lyrics are the truth because I was there for most of them (including the robbery he mentions in Hugely Mysterious, that was me). My personal favorite of the mixtape is track number five, Imagination. My boy has been working and he has his second ep coming out later this summer. I provided the link to check out the mixtape below.


29 June 2012

Daily Schedule

This is what your daily schedule should look like:

1) Wake the hell up

2) Wash your butt; you've been farting in your sleep

3) Feed the rugrats, also known as children

4) Check www.BestInTheMix.com

5) Take your ass to work

6) Can't accomplish number five? Get a job, you bum

7) While at work, re-accomplish number four

8) Email us at BestInTheMix@gmail.com

9) Seriously, email us!

27 June 2012

Review: Chris Brown - Fortune (Early Thoughts)

Reading The Niftian's post about Michael Jackson made me think to myself about current artists who have had their "Thriller" album. That true classic nearly from beginning to end. Most say Confessions was Ursh's, and either 12 Play or C.F. for R. Kelly. Artists today in that same lane are pretty much Ne-Yo, Trey, and Breezy. Up until now I'd say none of these cats have had a classic, but I'm 10 tracks in to CB's new album and every single song ROCKS. I was expectin 12/15 tracks of that electronica club bullshit. It's bound to fall off at some point though...right?

Some of Hip Hop's Freshest Successors

Today is a new day and age for hip hop and rap. We have artists that come from a multitude of backgrounds and from various places. Some of these new artists are talented, a waste of time, or just straight clowns. However, on this website and this movement, we want the real essence of Hip Hop and rap. The artists that made a name for themselves are under a microscope.  J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Big K.R.I.T, Wale, Meek Mill, Mac Miller, Big Sean, Stalley, and many more artists all have achieved a significant amount of success in their early careers. All of these artists definitely are lyrical and possess it in their own way. Since these artists have done so well they have put a target on their own back. Will all of these artists make it? Here is my opinion on a few of them…

J.Cole: Cole World! Young Simba came up, he warmed up, and then he blew up! (Blow up from Friday Night Lights). J.Cole definitely has what it takes to last in this industry, his lyrics, his stories, his uplifting rhymes, and life experiences have become the hot commodity that he supplies that the people want to hear. Cole even has the female populous on his shoulders. With his uplifting lyrics towards women and viewing the actual WOMEN for something beautiful, he definitely has an army of femme fatale at his side. Even though it’s been a while since he dropped some artwork, he has a piece coming out with Kendrick Lamar soon. The people need you Cole!
Kendrick Lamar: Now he is an artist! K.Lamar is an amazingly gifted poet/lyricist. This man has recently released his EP “O.verly D.edicated,” which was a mixtape that had so much lyrical content and realism that you would’ve thought you actually lived what he was speaking about. Kendrick Lamar is his own prodigy that came to the light. There are high expectations for him whether he stayed underground or goes fully commercial. Kendrick Lamar displays knowledge beyond most people’s imagination and places this in his music. I’m definitely rooting for him to exist in this music industry. He among others is definitely the future of the culture.

Big K.R.I.T.: All I can say about him is wow. K.R.I.T. (King Remembered In Time) is a southern lyrical genius who delivers a soulful punch to hip hop. Krit reminds you of a southern rap group that went by the name of UGK (R.I.P. Pimp C). Krit is like a modern day southern Black Panther’s advocate that exposes some thought provoking questions in his lyrics. He raps about the struggle and the realness of not just his hood but many different situations that can apply to anyone in the struggle. This artist also has a fine taste for old school whips with wood grain steering wheels and all the other trimming of a playa’s pimp mobile (but not too gaudy). Krit also produces beats for many artists like Wiz Khalifa’s “Glass House” from Kush & Orange Juice, or Ludacris’ “What you smoking on” from 1.21 Gigawatts: Back to the First time. Big K.R.I.T. is definitely built to last. If you haven’t heard him go check him out and listen to his new album Live from the Underground.

Wale: A true poet and a rapper. Wale incorporates his intellect of academic knowledge, sports background, and occasional references to his ideal woman. When Wale released his first LP things weren’t looking to well. Some thought that it was a close career-ender, but I personally loved the album. I’ve been a Wale fan since I first heard him. Regardless of his adversity he overcame it and found a home at The Untouchable Maybach Music Group. Rozay has great A&R skills and saw to it that Wale’s The Eleven One Eleven Theory and his second LP Ambition was everywhere that hip-hop had the minimal amount of relevance. Wale has definitely risen above the negative and has become one of the power artists of the new school.

25 June 2012

Michael Jackson Forever

He wasn't a rapper. He didn't spit hot fire. He wasn't an advocate of gangsta mentalities. He very rarely worked with rap artists. And yet, he is easily credited as one of your favorite rappers' favorite artist.

He inspired fashion (zipper jacket, anyone?). He made thugs want to dance (bet you can't moonwalk better than me, though!). And if you tell me you don't know the words to "Remember The Time" you're a filthy liar. He went through constant controversy, from racial confusion to child molestation accusations, but it never took away from his memory.

He made timeless music and will always be a legend in the industry, no matter how much time passes after his death. My young children even know his music. Classic.

Michael Jackson, BITM salutes you on this, the anniversary of your death. You'll never be forgotten and you'll continue to inspire.

Review: Oddisee - People See What They Hear

            Rarely does a hip hop album drop that literally anyone can identify with. Whether you are a thug, businessman, athlete, teacher, or simply a fellow human being, Oddisee has a way of scripting lyrics to a point that he could be spitting about anything going on in your life. Coupled with his style of production, it doesn’t take much to see why this album shines.
                The lead off track, “Ready To Roll”, plays like the soundtrack for the blue collar in us all. With the strings and horns laced throughout, the track becomes more infectious as the song continues. That feeling continues to hold the listener for the rest of the album. Track after track, Oddisee offers dope music that isn’t a club banger or about “trapping”. (Note: I’m not hating on club bangers and trap music, I just can’t listen to it ALL the time) Tracks like That Real, Another’s Grind, and They Know Who You Are bring that thump without requiring that Patron and big asses shaking be in the immediate area.
                Oddisee’s People See What They Hear is a testament that dope music exists outside of coke deals and club bangers. From start to finish, Oddisee cooks up some soulful boom bap that more than compliments his flow throughout the album. Oddisee has been creating his own lane for some time now and this release shows he still has plenty to offer.

22 June 2012

Concert: Epic Fest 2012

If you're in the Virginia, Maryland, DC area, I suggest you come to this event! The Niftian will be there, representing #NiftyWorld quite proudly...


Richmond, VA- Slapdash, RVA’s indie music, arts & media group, would like to announce the return of EpicFest for Summer 2012. EpicFest 2012 will feature over 30 musical acts over two days, June 29th & June 30th at Kingdom, (formerly Alley Katz) 10 Walnut Alley.
Day 1 (June 29th) will be headlined by Marcky Goldchain from Virginia Beach and T.I.M.E Moves from Richmond. Goldchain is garnering buzz from his Vice City Life album with T.I.M.E presenting a live fusion of Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul & Funk reminiscent of The Roots. Day 1 will also feature RVA favorites Ms. Proper, Black Liquid, Doe The Paperboy, Just Plain Sounds, Dr. Millionaire (Isaiah & Hovey), Young Richmond Outkasts, as well as, DMV (DC, Maryland, Virgnia) favorite, Nike Nando. Doors at 6PM
Day 2 (June 30th) is headlined by Conrizzle & longtime collaborator Pat Preezy collectively known as, Tokyo Ave. The Grammy nominated Pat Preezy, & Conrizzle, who has produced for Jim Jones, Nickelus F, & worked with an early Drake, will be showcasing new music from their debut project, “Do You Live On Tokyo Ave?” Day 2 will also feature Mr. Ivory Snow, DC R&B starlet Zoey Kash, DC emcee & VCU alum Elle Maxwell, as well as, RVA favorites Suburban District, Noah O, Chance Fischer & Artik Phreeze. Doors at 6PM
This year we will also incorporate fashion. Carytown boutique store, and EpicFest 2012 promotional partner, West Coast Kix, will be on the floor selling merchandise. Also, upstairs, several independent clothing & jewelry vendors will be in attendance showcasing their latest Summer collections and your opportunity to purchase and support arts in the city.
EpicFest 2012 tickets can be purchased NOW at epicfest2012.eventbrite.com You can also visit West Coast Kix, 3016 West Cary Street, to purchase your tickets. Tickets start at $10 for single day, $15 for a (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) 2 day pass.
As seen with EpicFest 2011, EpicFest 2012 is the DO NOT MISS EVENT OF THE SUMMER! Enjoy the music, fashion, raffles of prizes, network and most importantly, THE EPICNESS!
Special thanks to Rumors Boutique, Kulture & RVA Magazine.
Visit www.slapdashmakesyouwonder.com for the latest.
For all community media looking to cover EpicFest 2012 & other inquires, please emailcainmccoy@slapdashmakesyouwonder.com
Get Socially Active With Us!
Twitter: @SlapdashVA

21 June 2012

Review: Masta Ace + MF Doom, "MA Doom - Son of Yvonne"

 Masta Ace and MF Doom are hip hop juggernauts in their own right. Ace has been killing it since the 80’s and has seen a resurgence in popularity since his Disposable Arts album dropped in 2001. MF Doom has been everyone’s favorite lo-fi villain, defying formulaic song creations and dropping classic albums like MM…Food, Madvillian as well as a wide variety of releases under his many aliases. Their collaboration on Son of Yvonne only meant that the album would be great. There is only one problem, it could have been better.
                Ace, as usual, shows up ready to play. From lyrical concepts to his actual flow, Ace shows why no one can step to what he’s accomplished, but he doesn’t beat the listener over the head with that fact. For evidence of this look to the tracks Da’Pro, Me And My Gang, Ninety Seventy Something…….hell, just listen to him spit on any of the tracks and the point will be made.
                Now, the part of the album that could have been better: the production by MF Doom. The beats are good, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I’ve heard quite a few of them on other releases, which seems par for the course from MF Doom here lately. If you aren’t familiar with MF’s work, this release will be a catch up session of sorts for you. If you are familiar with MF, then some of these tracks will have you searching your collection for other places you’ve heard these beats. I don’t know if the beat re-hash was intentional for the concept of the album , but I wasn’t ready for it. I will admit, it was dope to hear Ace spit on some of Doom’s better known beats, I was hoping for all new production for this release.
                MA_DOOM: Son of Yvonne is a definite gem. Although there are some obvious low points, the combination of Doom’s lo-fi throwback production with Masta Ace’s perfected flow more than makes up for them. Whatever faults this release has are minor. If you have been checking for this album, go get it! If you are undecided……….go get it!

-Irish Ninja

20 June 2012

Hip-Hop History X

9th Wonder and Kenneth Price have reached the goal to make The Harvard Fellow documentary!



Have you ever studied Hip-Hop? I’ve written essays and papers throughout my academic career..sometimes the papers were solely to enrich myself more in the culture/history of Hip-Hop (and of course to get a grade for it). Other times they were argumentative essays that tackle the false perception of Hip-Hop as being a genre that promotes misogyny, materialism and violence (another “m” word woulda been nice..murder maybe?).  It always felt like a great accomplishment to have teachers/professors tell me that my papers gave them insight that contradicted their prior opinions/assumptions on the culture. But as big as these victories were..the stages were always small.

The stage is now bigger than ever and 9th Wonder is about to take Hip-Hop to another level. Hip-Hop has grown in the past 40ish years..we’ve dominated mainstream radio, internet, fashion, movies/TV  and even politics. A place where we still have little recognition is the academic world..but 9th Wonder is setting himself up to add to the credentials of Hip-Hop as being academically relevant. Not only is 9th a professor at Duke University..but he was asked by Harvard University to teach and complete an academic research project (a 3 year fellowship) that will be placed in the Harvard Library once completed. He was chosen by Dr. Marcy Morgan and Henry Luis Gates to add to the Hip-Hop archives located in the W.E.B Du Bois Institute for African and African American Studies. To have someone of 9th Wonder’s status at an Ivy League school studying/researching Hip-Hop says a lot already. He will be researching the original records that created his top 10 produced albums..which will include: Illmatic, The Chronic, Reasonable Doubt, The Minstrel Show, Midnight Marauders, Supreme Clientele, Fantastic Volume II, College Dropout, The Blueprint and Only Build 4 Cuban Linx. 9th will embark on this journey that will be documented by Kenneth Price (director of The Wonder Year) and archived for the world to see.

As stated before..we grown. Hip-Hop‘s is no longer that young dude with 5 chains and pants down to their knee caps. The 5XL Polo and extra baggy size 38 (if you’re a 32) Rocawear jeans are gone (I do realize it is more of an age thing..there are a few kids in “the hood” that still hold on to this style..but I know for damn sure I aint going to see a 30+ dude with pants off his ass and a white tee down to his shins at a happy hour). Our image is a representation of where we are now. The evolution of our fashion is now less “thug” and more “hipster/GQ”. Nas, Outkast, Snoop, Eminem, Common, Cube, Wu-Tang, Jay-Z and 9th Wonder are all grown. Some are family men..some are business men..all are a more mature versions of their 20 year old selves. It is now cool to be educated..Penn State over state pen. Hip-Hop is no longer the sole “way out” for a high school dropout turned dealer. We are seeing a wave of new MCs that are extremely educated and are not depending on Hip-Hop to be there ticket to move on up.

This article is about our history..it is to shed light on what 9th Wonder is about to accomplish..but at the core this article is about education. Looking from the outside in..we are not educated. Our “image” has been met with resistance and fear. We have been protested against and have had countless articles written about the negative effect that Hip-Hop has on the community. Our greatest mistake would be not take advantage of the change in the air. “It’s the white man keeping us down.” No..we are grown..no one can keep us down. Yes the false perception (and exploitation) of Hip-Hop does primarily come from the “white man”. But their negative opinion based on a false assumption is also a sign of ignorance..it is a sign of their lack of education of our culture. Ignorance can’t be conquered with ignorance/immaturity. If you are in your 30s and act/dress like you are 18-20 then people in your age group will say..”So…..yeah…..we can’t kick it no more in public.” You should have a career..maybe a family..and out your mama’s crib or at least be making moves to do so. We are established..we are educated..we are making moves that we couldn’t before. 9th Wonder is adding one more level to the complex and intricate nature of our culture. I’m not saying all Hip-Hop needs to be bow ties and 3 piece suits (if I’m at the club with my girl..give me that club banger)..but we need to make sure that we preserve the foundation that makes Hip-Hop great. It’s time to reintroduce ourselves.

Check out the site for more info - http://www.theharvardfellow.com/


Rants: The Niftian on Oklahoma City

This'll be quick: What the hell happened in game 3, Oklahoma?!? For the first time in this series you had a commanding lead in the first quarter and you let it slip away! Gah!

Russell Westbrook tried his damnedest, but he can't do it all on his own. I was hype to see OKC bring the fire in the third quarter of game 1 and make a mighty comeback in game 2, but there was no overall thrill this time around.

Guys, you have one more game and two more chances to make it right. Don't play like you did tonight. Unless your last name is Westbrook...

19 June 2012

Controversial Adidas Shoes Are (thankfully) Cancelled

Sometimes I see some things and it makes me wonder just how little do some people actually think about things before they put them into existence. Adidas, an iconic brand known as a fashion staple from the birth of hip hop, recently announced plans to release the above pictured shoe, the JS (Jeremy Scott) Roundhouse Mids, in August.

However, due to heavy backlash from community leaders like Rev. Jesse Jackson and the socially aware rapper Talib Kweli, Adidas announce today that they were canceling plans for the shoe due to heavy criticism and comparisons to shackles reminiscent of slavery times.

Adidas was initially very defensive when the first negative critiques came out, saying that Jeremy Scott had a "outrageous and unique take on fashion" and that the design of the shoe had "nothing to do with slavery." 

Pause for effect.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME, ADIDAS?!?! GTFOHWTB! I'm all for being fashion forward when it comes to innovative thinking but at what point does corporate and personal THINKING come into play?! Jeremy Scott stated that the shackles were not inspired by slaves but instead by an old toy, "My Pet Monster," which had yellow shackles on its arms. Maybe that's true. Maybe Jeremy Scott was truly inspired by the old stuffed animal. HOWEVER, someone should have seen this coming from a mile away. This is tacky, tasteless, and insensitive, in my opinion. Mr. Scott may have had his heart in the right place, but Adidas should have known better. 

Thankfully, they cancelled plans for the shoe amidst much controversy. The $350 shoes were originally scheduled to drop in August.

-The Niftian

16 June 2012

The Relevance of Hip-Hop

So I'm listening to Lord Sear and Rude Jude on Shade 45 and DJ Whoo Kid is a guest. Whoo Kid made a comment about memorable verses in rap. Memorable VERSES, mind you, not songs. What's the most memorable verse in hip-hop to you?

Whoo Kid was saying that there aren't any memorable verses anymore. I'm inclined to agree. Sure, there are a couple of catchy hooks here and there, but not verses. Where's the content? Jay Z's third jawn on Song Cry ranks highly for me. I mean, I love that SONG, but that verse touch me. Scarface's verse on This Can't Be Life? CLASSIC. Tell me I'm wrong!

All the really classic verses that I love are old(er) school jawns. Is there any classic material these days? What are your faves?

Radio: Invasion Radio

Listening to DJ Green Lantern on Invasion Radio and Killer Mike is the featured guest. They briefly talked about rap and religion.

Killer Mike just said "Jesus began his life as an outlaw and the last person he saved was a thief so stop shitting on thugs."

Wow. Thoughts?

-The Niftian

Crew Loving Gone Wrong?

What exactly causes dudes to fight? Money? Power? Respect? In the latest celebrity beef it seems to be over a female. Chris Brown, Drake, and Meek Mill and all of their respectable camps allegedly got into a huge fight over the sexy Rihanna. The ties between Rihanna and the three artists have been rumors and facts; a relationship with Chris Brown (fact); a possible relationship with Drake (a combination of both); and having sex with Meek Mill (rumor).On June 13, 2012, the three artists were all in the same club and then the altercation developed sometime while partying. Rihanna (who coincidently was in New York at the same time), acted as if she was completely oblivious to the situation when asked about it. Evidently Drake confronted C Breezy and hit him with a bottle that caused the gash that is currently on his chin. Of course, both of their camps clashed as well (Meek Mill’s team siding with YMCMB) and caused a lot more damage and ended the night at that club. In recent reports, Chris Brown allegedly called the cops, which isn’t a good look and I’m hoping it is just a rumor. This altercation has caused some outside attraction such as The Game and Roscoe Dash. Roscoe Dash made a tweet “voicing his opinion,” but definitely came across as disrespectful. Roscoe dash tweeted, “I gotta say Lost alota respect for @drake & @meekmill out of all the niggas who Dnt like yall y'all chose to retaliate against @chrisbrown.” Meek Mill replied to Roscoe saying, “@Roscoedash you gotta chill b4 you b tweeting my name in some shit i wasn't even really in! Stay in ya lane!” Chris Brown reached out to Meek Mill the day after twitter saying that real recognized real. Evidently Meek Mill wasn’t involved with the altercation; unless Chris Brown is scared shook from the Philly Team.

Some people feel Chris Brown deserves the L he took to Drake and his crew given the events that happened with Rihanna. I’m not going to say what he did was right at all because I am completely against hitting women; unless it’s life or death. How do you the people feel? Feel free to comment

-Ra’z Al Ghoul

Rants: Twon Johnson on Rihanna

Every once in a while, we at BITM get a little heated over the state of some things in our illustrious community and we'll rant and rave in our own way. Here's the first of many, provided by none other than the big man himself, Twon Johnson...

Rihanna is an amazing human being. She has managed to amass a successful career as a youngin the heights to which current legends still haven't seen in their entire careers. For most people, the success she has alone would be enough to be satisfied. But nah, this lady done f*cked around and realized the power of that pussy at the same damn time. 

You see attractive women typically tend to hustle in a completely different way than men do. But most use their bodies to come up in the game. Rihanna is already at the top of the game, and is STILL using that thang for evil.

Pussy plus Power equals Total Domination. It's just like a one-two punch. If Rihanna was a regular woman who smashed Drake and Breezy, they wouldn't be fighting over it NEARLY as much, regardless of how good it was. It's Rih-rih's status in the game stacked on top of a heavenly snatch that has sparked the most hyped R&B beef since Usher & Sisqo.........................................................................................

A powerful woman, status wise, who knows how to use her body often times will leave destruction in her wake. This time, amongst the debris of the "thugged-out" shitstorm sparked by Rihanna's vagina was a violent Canadian swinging bottles at the current too-gangta champ, Fist Brown.

I say the most unfortunate thing in this situation is the fact that rappers around the world are going to start writing bars about how that box got them niggaz sprung. A man should never stoop so low as to get into a fight over one damn female when there's just so much else to conquer out there, if that's how you get down. Trippin over one woman is hustlin backwards, period.  

Especially when it becomes community meat...which it has. Christopher, Aubrey, tighten up fellas. 

-Twon Johnson

15 June 2012



We have returned to bring y'all what you want! You want reviews? We've got that! You want the latest, greatest hip hop news? We've got that! You want to hear views about the state of rap? We've got that! This is a #NiftyWorld production and YOU ARE #NiftyWorld! We do this for you! We've got more writers, more articles, more time and more thoughts! This isn't your run of the mill hip-hop site. No diss, but we don't play the politic game here. We're going to speak our minds and we're going to give you that REAL RAP RAW! Ayo, this is about to be an amazing journey. Are you strong enough to stay for the ride? 

#NiftyWorld: Get on and get right or get left!

Review: Young Roddy

We have a new contributor in our midst! This young hip-hop head goes by the name of Ra'z Al Ghoul and he is a talented brother who sings and has many musical talents on the instrumental tip. I, The Niftian, met him while on a business trip to New Jersey recently and he was instantly down with the cause.

We had a long conversation about many things in hip-hop, from the current Drake/Chris Brown beef, why Ice-T is still seen as relevant in hip-hop culture and whether Trey Songz has a future that will rival R. Kelly's or not. The brother knows his stuff and that makes him perfect BITM material! As an introduction, I'm posting the following review that he just wrote about Young Roddy's Good Sense mixtape that dropped a few months ago, you know: something to get his toes wet. Welcome him into the fold and check back often!

JETS’ (an acronym for ‘Just Enjoy this Shit’) own Young Roddy finally dropped a hot new piece of work on April 1, 2012. I know it’s a late article but better late than never, excuse the cliché. Before even playing the track I think that the artwork is really fresh. It displays simple taste in a couple things that he has in his smokers kit (Rosary, rolling papers, a scale with his name on it, and sandwich bags).

Young Roddy starts out with the track “Kyle Watson.” The track is a wonderful sample from Eddie Kendrick’s “Intimate Friends,” which was also used by Alicia keys in “Unbreakable.” He blends a laid back consistent flow describing his life and what he has come from and what he has been through with lyrical punch lines in a really suave way. Roddy takes listeners back to school momentarily with, “I’m trying to get it poppin’ paper always been my topic/that money on my mind it’s in my bank an on my counter.” This is personally my favorite song on the mixtape. The next track is a freestyle off of Drake’s “Lord knows” from the album “Take Care.” On this track is the artists obsession for being on his grind and constantly hungry for money while weaving in the story of his life that he quotes in the middle of the track. The track is more of a story than the first one and takes the listener more in depth with his experiences of poverty. The last of my top three tracks is Roddy’s remake of Biggie’s 10 Crack commandments. The commandments resemble its predecessor but he puts his own spin on it. He also has his label mate and CEO Curren$y, who speaks on it giving him praises. The tracks on this mixtape have a soulful presence to them (they remind you of a track Common would use).

I would say that this mixtape is a great way to break the ice with Young Roddy as a fresh artist that’s definitely with a strong camp. The whole JETS movement is something has been stirring up the underground for quite some time. While the other members of the JETS have not really been affiliated with anyone in the commercial music industry, Curren$y has branched out to a number of artists and has released a new album called “the Stoned Immaculate” with features from Wale, 2 Chainz, Big K.R.I.T., and of course his partner in crime Wiz Khalifa. Stay tuned for a review on Spitta’s new album.

-Ra'z Al Ghoul

Next up? TWO mixtape reviews, one from the infamous East Coast party group Suburban District and another from a young brother out of the 757 in Va named Jay Hart. The updates will be coming fast and hard so try and keep up!

14 June 2012

Crazy Canibus!


So Can and his manager are claiming that the previously mentioned Tumblr "apology" are fakes. Goodness, I hope so. According to Canibus, Dizaster won fair and square (not like Can-I-Bust put up much of a fight) and that's all there is to it. I must say, though, whoever made the allegedly fake Tumblr page has a hell of a sense of humor.

Canibus (or Can-I-Bitch, as Eminem calls him): dude, you were a lyrical monster in your prime, known not just for your lyrical assassination of LL Cool J with "Second Round Knockout," but also because of your hungry and powerful raps across multiple albums and features. I don't know if you're inhaling the bath salts by the pound or if the painkillers they have you on because of your shoulder are messing with you, but let me give you a little lesson in Hip Hop Battles 101: SPIT YOUR RHYMES FROM THE DOME! I know you wanted to give the fans what they paid to see, a battle rap, but what we DID NOT want to see was some written buffoonery. Shame on you. Go back home, write some $#!+, make it suspenseful. Hell, take the mic home with you! Ha...I kill me.

Original Posting: 14 June 2012 8:27am


I almost don't want to write this article. Almost.

So we have an update about Canibus' crazy performance at the recent King of the Dot performance; you know the one where he gave up and then started spitting horrible lyrics from a notebook? Yea, so Can-I-Bust (that's what I call him now; see previous article) claims that he was abducted by alien agents and therefore distracted from putting his all into the Vendetta battle. I am *praying* that this is a hilarious joke by Can and not something that he seriously believes in. Ok, I'm done (for now); read the following from his Tumblr account, in his own words.

"A few days before the KOTD Vendetta event, I was abducted by human blood sucking leeches who did not make their identity known, but I assume were agents of the dark world. While in my vehicle ready to pay for a toll, a helicopter attached with a satellite device that promotes fear flew directly over me. Upon being aware of what was happening I decided to escape on foot and flee from this radioactive device that can cause mental and emotional harm to any man- Even a man who possesses the brain waves of a complicated degree such as myself. As I abandoned my vehicle, I got to a fence and as I climbed underneath, the helicopter got visual contact on its target and there was nothing I could do. Completely lost in a parallel universe I was removed from consciousness and as I woke up I had secret agents of some kind asking me why I decided to battle in this event that was being broadcasted world-wide. I explained to them it was strictly Hip Hop related but they did not believe me. They used Chinese water torture methods at first to try to break my spirits to no avail. They attached wires to my skull and moved on to "Alternative 2." They then inquired about my knowledge of secret societies and about my experiences in the military."

Another one bites the dust...

-The Niftian

11 June 2012


It was a sad weekend for one of hip-hop's premier underground legends, Canibus. The once mighty emcee threw down the sword this past weekend in a battle rap against upcoming battle rapper Dizaster in LA and had the audacity to commit two fouls during the event. First, he gave up before the third round and admitted defeat to Dizaster. Then he pulled out a notebook in the final round and started spitting canned raps.

What made this even more disturbing was the fact that the rhymes SUCKED! There were multiple pauses in his delivery, Canibus at times seeming lost and confused as to what he was going to say next. On top of that, he stopped repeatedly to address the many boos and jeers he was receiving from the audience.

At one point, Canibus yelled "You paid me my bread! They (the audience) paid their bread; let me spit my shit!" He was obviously frustrated, and I would be too, especially after the decimation that Dizaster put upon him. Canibus hasn't really had a chance to collect many cool points in recent years, but he lost what little he had this past weekend.

On top of Diz annihilating him at the Vendetta: Battle Royale, the audience mocking him aloud and his right arm in a sling (increasing the weakness factor), numerous colleagues took to Twitter to air Can-I-Bus out. Talib Kweli noted that he was in a state of confusion. Noted producer Alchemist said that boxing died along with Canibus, making mention of the crazy Pacquiao/Bradley decision that has so many people in an uproar. J-Ro from the Alkoholiks tweeted that Canibus should start his own line of notepads. I think my favorite tweet was from Freddie Gibbs, "canibus will rap for food."

As you can see, the attacks on the man who many claim destroyed LL Cool J with a "Second Round Knockout" are fierce, brutal and unforgiving, as they should be. Can claimed that he practiced and studied his rhymes for nearly a month in preparation. Clearly that wasn't enough time.

He should have just stayed in the Army...

-The Niftian

09 June 2012

Ha**rs In Paris?

How many heard about Gwyneth Paltrow's Twitter bomb from this past week? If you don't know, Gwyn dropped the dreaded N-bomb at a Jay-Z/Kanye concert in Paris via a tweet, shouting out the song. Only thing is, G. Paltrow didn't edit herself. 

R&B singer The Dream quickly came to her defense and claimed ownership of her tweet, saying her phone was nearby and he typed it out in her phone. A few days later, he fessed up and admitted that he only came to her aid because he knew the situation would spiral out of control. Lo and behold, it did!

Gwyneth defended herself on twitter saying, "Hold up. It's the title of the song!" Numerous individuals, including Nas, have come to her defense, either giving her a pass or saying its not that big of a deal. 

What say you, public? Personally, I don't see the big deal. I think some people just want a fight and have nothing better to do. Besides, it's not like she was using the term in a negative context. She was stating the name of an actual published hit song! 

Trust me, if "Cracker Killer Honky Man" was a hit song by Kid Rock, we'd run down the street yelling the title and lyrics at the top of our voices in the hood and elsewhere. Leave Gwyneth Paltrow alone, y'all. Some things are bigger than rap; this isn't one of them. 

Oh, and if you don't know who Gwneth Paltrow is, just think of Iron Man's "secretary" Pepper Potts. Yea, that's her. Also a good friend to Jay and Bey, amongst others. 

-The Niftian