Ra'z Al Ghoul

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."
- Martin Luther King Jr.

Ra’z Al Ghoul is derived from one of Batman’s longtime foes Ra’s Al Ghul. He was a very wise and intellectual villain and had a vast majority of secrets. Ra’z Al Ghoul thinks of himself the same way, but in a musical aspect. Ra’z is a young gun but he knows his music better than most of his peers and age group. Ra’z had an abundant amount of 2 Pac, Notorious B.I.G., and Jay-Z due to his father. His mother however provided oldies soul music, old school rap, and R&B. This provided a mix that created a young guy who is musically conscious. Along with listening to music the hip hop super villain can play the tenor saxophone, a small amount of piano, and can read music. Music is coursing through the veins of this individual.

Ra’z got connected with the BITM crew through The Niftian. The Niftian and Ra’z Al Ghoul came in contact through the military. Nifty and Ra’z had a series of conversations of all types of music; and The Niftian couldn’t believe that this guy wasn’t even 21 yet, and had depth to his musical awareness. Everything about this guy is music its integrated into his life beliefs and values, the very clothes he wears and food he eats.The kid has expressed countless amounts of times that he’s happy to be a part of something that he loves to do and has a natural passion for.

Ra’z main focus in the BITM crew is to be the youth representative, scout for what’s happening in the media and keep relevant artists with lyrical talent (whether commercial or underground) RELEVANT. Too much of the younger generation has collapsed to the dumbed down and incompetent sector of commercial Hip-Hop/Rap. He wishes to educate the youth and actually open their eyes to the alliteration, sonnets, and triple entendre’s that Jay-Z uses as well as the beautiful stories that Kendrick Lamar paints with vivid and intellectual words. Keep the music alive, sweet death to Future’s career. One love.

Top 10 Dead or Alive:
10. Big L
9. Jadakiss
8. Talib Kweli
7. Mos Def
6. Tupac
5. Notorious B.I.G.
4. Eminem
3. Andre 3000
2. Nas
1. Jay-Z

Honorable Mentions:
Method Man!!!!
Big Pun
Bizzy Bone

Upcoming in the game:
Kendrick Lamar
Joey BadA$$
Nitty Scott MC
Clear Soul Forces (Ilijade, E-Fav, LAZ, J-Roc)
Big K.R.I.T.
*Capital STEEZ* R.I.P. 

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