23 August 2012

Have You Heard: Luke Christopher

Back on August 18th I tweeted Luke Christopher just to tell him I thought his mixtape TMRW TMRW was ill. He tweeted back, "Tell a friend homie...."

So here it is…..

                I remember the first time I listened to Luke Christopher. His Building Skies mixtape dropped in January and I happened to come across it via Goodmusicallday.com . I had to admit it was pretty tight. I rocked the track Hurcules for a hot minute. I remember thinking, “This dude has some serious potential. Let me go ahead and put him on my radar.”
Skip ahead to August 17, 2012
                That night I was going through a lot of music I’d picked up and I came across Luke Christopher’s newest mixtape, TMRW TMRW. Without another thought I cued it up and hit play…….
Holy shit.
                TMRW TMRW is probably going to be in my top 10 “Best Shit I Heard This Year” list. On this release Luke sets the bar pretty high for his generation of artists. Truth be told, he shows up a few cats that are already established. Off tops, Luke handled all the production. I mention this first because his beats are NICE. Songs like Never Been have this crazy hip hop, doo wop vibe going while tracks like We're Here have these 90’s style drums with some piano laid over top of the beat that just make it sound nasty.
                Another strong point is that Luke Chris raps and sings. The way Luke mixes it up between the two gives this album an original sound. I know it’s been done before, but too often artists will a better rapper than singer or vice versa. This is not the case with Luke at all. Just check out the track Superstar. The first time I heard this song I would have swore Luke Chris had someone else on the track do the singing. Negative. All parts are done by Mr. Christopher.  Add the fact that he produced this song and it definitely gives the listener a better idea of just how talented this dude is.

                TMRW TMRW  is dope, period. If you are reading this and you don’t know who Luke Christopher is, take a few minutes and download the mixtape here. It will most likely be a high point of your day. If you already know about him, just take Mr. Christopher’s advice…….go tell a friend homie.

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