29 April 2013

RANTS: Snoop Lion vs Snoop Dogg vs...Uncle Ruckus?

We here at BITM generally like to keep thangs music related, especially when an artist has recently released a new project, but that's kinda hard to do when an album is ass. As we all know, Snoop is going through a mid-life identity-crisis, and at first everyone seemed to be fine with this (myself included). Enter "Reincarnated," the debut album from Snoop "Lion." As cliche as this comparison may sound, imagine a regular black dude tryna sound Jamaican and failing miserably; this pretty much sums up all eleven shit-tacular tracks on the album. He claims to be channeling the spirit of Bob Marley, and it's evident that's what he was going for, but the job should have been left to an actual Jamaican in my humble opinion.
So instead of wasting my time writing a review about an album no one cares about, I decided to post a 14 minute video of the infamous Uncle Ruckus from The Boondocks crashing Snoop's "Double G News Network" (GGN) to further confuse the culturally challenged Snoop Lion on his own show. These 14 minutes are easily more entertaining than any portion of "Reincarnated," and me being a lover of all things music, I feel like this is a huge disappointment.

Snoop's "GGN" brainchild has been in existence for a couple years now, and the majority of the shows are actually pretty good. I would even go so far as to say the YouTube show is better than Snoop's last three albums combined. Has he reached a point in his career where he can simply do whatever he wants and everyone just accepts it (ala Shaq)? Is it even worth critiquing a 20+ year veteran in the game about anything he releases?

These questions wouldn't even be an issue if the album was better. He should have taken notes from Heavy D's reggae album "VIBES" (RIP) and realized it's an impossible feat to pull off successfully as a rapper without actually being from the West Indies (note: Heavy D is Jamaican, and his reggae album is a classic).

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