23 January 2014

LOCAL MUSIC: Prolific - The Set Up

A lot of artists know that Detroit music is not where it should be. The We.Are. music group is a collection of singers, producers and Mc's/rappers who are unique and creative with something to offer. Prolific is one of the artists of We.Are. Music group who released his EP, The Set Up not too long ago. I gave it a listen and was pleased with the product. Artists with this much passion is what Detroit needs to re-establish it's place in Hip-hop as to when J.Dilla, Slum Village and others were active. Prolific displays poetic talents through a couple of his tracks on this project. Other tracks like "The Set Up" and "Big Faces" is him viciously spitting at anyone against him and his camp. I salute Prolific and his whole team, they are focused and ready to eat!

Listen to "The Set Up EP" here.

Twitter: @_KJTheGreat

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