16 April 2010

Featured DJ: Big Steve Gee

If you attended the Soulja Boy Tour then you have come across the work of Big Steve Gee. Amoung his laundry list of accomplishments is the intro music that he mixed for the tour. With a buzz in SEVEN continenents Steve Gee is quickly becoming a world-wide DJ, taking the world of hip hop by storm. His good ear and his love for music are only half of what has brought upon the success that Steve Gee is now enjoying, the other half is hard work. You haven't met a hard working man until you've laid eyes on this guy. With a work ethic out of this world Big Steve Gee has taken on everything from your typical house parties and clubs to the up and coming world of internet radio. He has earned the nickname "The Blend King" for his seamless blends and incredible mixes and has no plans to put an end to his reign anytime soon. Big Steve Gee is currently working on a Mixtape Series entitles "Oh My Lawwd!" Look out for the first tape in the series "Serius Jones - The Re-Mixtape" coming soon. (For more on Big Steve Gee visit www.bigstevegee.com)

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