14 November 2012

Concert Review: Dom Kennedy's Yellow Album Tour

“What more can I say?” *in my Jay-Z voice* November 11th was a hell of a day! I attended the Dom Kennedy concert on Sunday at The Blockley in the city of brotherly love, and it was amazing! Everyone at BITM knows I love Dom Kennedy and I love what he brings to the table. Dom Kennedy is himself and he does not do what everyone else thinks is in the norm. I got to experience that first row Sunday night. Majority of OPM (Other People’s Money) camp was there for the concert and performed. While it took a while for Dom and his crew to hit the stage when he stepped on he got nothing but love. The whole crowd pretty much rapped every song along with Dom and OPM from start to finish. Jay 305, Polyester P, Niko G4, and Zeke also performed songs from the Young Nation mixtape that dropped last month that I also wrote a review on. Dom performed tracks like “Girls on Stage,” “Gold Alpinas,” “We Ball feat. Kendrick Lamar (he didn’t appear but he let his verse play and recited the lyrics),” and “1:25” from the Yellow Album. Other songs like “A real One,” “Youzza Flip,” “Cold Fit,” “Talk About it,” and “Can I?” were performed by the Whole OPM camp. My favorite part of the concert was when Dom performed his “Designer Shit” from The Original Dom Kennedy. To me, that was one of the livest parts of the concert along with “1:25,” “Gold Alpinas,” “Youzza Flip” and “My Type of Party.” I recited damn near every lyric and ad-lib to those songs. The concert was a true success. Dom and his whole clique showed love to everyone and stayed after to kick it and sign autographs for all the fans. I got two autographs and pictures with four members to include Dom Kennedy. I talked briefly to Dom and Niko G4 and they displayed true humbleness and appreciation to me. I loved the concert and the energy that was in the building was real. I enjoyed the concert so much I almost attended the New York show but it was too late of a decision. I wish Dom Kennedy and his whole set to continue their success. If you’re reading this, see if Dom is coming to your city and trust me you won’t be disappointed! The pic goes Ra'z (myself), Dom Kennedy, and one of my boys.

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