20 May 2010

(F)ornication (A)lways (M)akes for d(E)motion

Everybody wants their 15 minutes, right? In this day and age/society, most of us feel like it's our God given right. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...but at what costs? Nowadays, it doesn't take much to become an overnight celebrity. The television is chock full of "reality" shows that turn everyone, even Joe the Plumber, into household names. The world of hip-hop is no different.

It seems that there are two major (and potentially very negative) career paths for the urban youth today: that of the one hit wonder (aka ringtone rappers) and that of the groupie. We're going to focus on the groupies today.

Everyone knows about arguably the most infamous groupie out there in hip-hop, Karrine Steffans. Of course, she prefers the term "video vixen," but I believe that's a tad bit misleading. Sure, she was in some rap videos, but that's not what she is known for...at ALL. In case you've been under a rock, Karrine, or "Superhead" as she is patronizingly known, is recognized for having sex with multiple rappers and actors and being married to hip-hop legend Kool G. Rap (!!!). She is also known for putting all of those relationships on blast in her tell-all scandalous books.

Let's define the term groupie, hmm? According to dictionary.com, a groupie is seen as:

a young woman who follows a band seeking romance with the band members.

That's cute..."romance." Trust me, romance in this case is not of the Disney variety. There are numerous stories of numerous women (and men) who have done interesting and odd things to get the attention and admiration of celebrities. Some do it for the sex and only the sex. Some do it for the chance at wooing a celebrity. And then there's those like Karrine, who do it for the notoriety. Now, I'm an amazingly open individual and I don't like throwing stones, but I think it is extremely disrespectful to have sex with various people, especially celebrities who are already in the spotlight, strictly for the opportunity to blast them on the Internet and various media outlets. There are various ways to get attention, but that just seems low.

I know, I know. Some of you are crying foul. "What about the celebrities who willingly participate in these shenanigans?" Yes, something must be said for them as well, but they aren't making their business public, right? Groupies have been around for years, and will continue to be so, but this foolishness has to stop. Tell-all books, magazine articles, sex tapes...really? I love a juicy scandal as much as the next one, but there has to be a limit. I remember when Superhead was a huge source of table talk. "How could she fuck so many men? Why is she airing out her dirty laundry? How will her son feel when he gets older?" Good questions, all of them. I don't know what possessed her to do it. *cough, mumble "the paycheck" ahem, cough* All I know is that she went through hell trying to defend her name and honor. Did it work? No. She has no credibility anywhere, but she has a lot of money in the bank and two best selling books. Wow. That's what it takes? This is the lesson that we are passing on to future generations?

As a result of Karrine's success, other women have attempted to recreate it, with varying results. Today the big name is Kat Stacks. Kat Stacks is a "model" who jumpstarted her career by supposedly sleeping with damn near the entire Young Money crew and then attempting to blast them and other rappers like Nelly and Game. She hasn't fared as well as Karrine, it seems.

I have followed this woman (with limited interest, I may add) and have seen her name dragged through the mud over various media outlets. She may get lucky and get a small book deal, but that's about it. My bottom line is that there are more productive ways to get your name out there. Unfortunately, too many people believe that "any press is good press." I strongly disagree. I'd rather the masses spread the word about www.TheNiftian.com because there are awesome stories, great poems and fantastic pictures...not because the writer is a pervert. Come on, people: Do Better.

Stay tuned for the next episode where we discuss the other trend: ringtone rappers. Also, if there are any subjects of interest that you want to hear from www.bestinthemix.com, please shoot us an e-mail or leave us a comment and we'll check on it!

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  1. Ha... as I began reading, all I could think was: Kat Stacks Kat Stacks Kat Stacks. And then, you hit the nail on the head.

    This is so dead on, with the main summary being that "Not all press, is good press".

    I do however wish you could have touched on the "local groupie" because they have more impact on the reputations of the everyday female/promoter/local artists. Being so incredibly “thirsty”, they give good girls bad names. For instance, though the limelight life isn't exactly for me...I have many promoter/rapper friends with whom I am very close. But they will stay just that -friends- because so many don't know how to dissociate relationships from thirsty groupiedom. It’s pretty sad because I have many female friends who feel the same way and worse: “I’m really good friends with him and know that he genuinely likes me but… we could never date; I don’t want to be seen in that light.” At the same time, many say that she shouldn’t care what others think if her feelings are genuine as well. But, it goes back to the reputations and stereotypes that these local groupies and gold-diggers [are gold-diggers a different topic?] have made and spawned for the average young woman.