06 January 2012

Skillz: Rap Up 2011

Skillz first came out with his Rap Up at the end of 2001 and to much fanfare. The city of Richmond, Virginia and the handful of people that were scouring sites like Kazaa, Morpheus and AudioSatellite, went bananas over this guy that used what was (at the time) an insanely popular Bubba Sparxxx beat and hammered it out of the park. His flow was off the charts and he put the most hilarious spin on many events of the past year, some that we had remembered and some that we had forgotten. Either way, the man had a hit.

Mad Skillz (as he was known at the time) came out with another one the next year, and another for 2003. Again, a hit and another hit. I looked forward to the annual blasts, because Skillz had the...well, the skills, to bring it home. The songs were always a much anticipated cap for the year. Time went on, the internet grew and with it so did his popularity.

After 2005 or 2006, Skillz said he wasn't doing any more Rap Up's, that is was only supposed to be a one or two time thing. I hated the news, but couldn't blame him. After a while, that's all that he was known for and he wanted to show people that he was more than just the world's most infamous ghostwriter. I respected the decision.

Less than a year later, his mind was changed. Copycats and massive fan pressure brought him back to it. Although the man was back on the mic with his yearly urban review, the spark was gone. The beats were no longer popular rap singles but instead laid back R&B singles or beats by little known producers. Skillz sounded bored...which in turn made me bored.

It's gotten to the point that I don't even look forward to the Rap Up's anymore. Twon Johnson hit me with a link to the latest one (provided below) and I found myself surprised because I hadn't even given a thought to it. There used to be a time when I looked forward to Christmas, New Years and the Rap Up; now, I look forward to egg nog and that's about it.

Anyhow, that's my mindset on it...do you feel as if Skillz has lost his passion for the now annual tradition or is he still bringing the pain? Hit us up at TheNiftian@gmail.com and spill your thoughts!


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