21 June 2012

Review: Masta Ace + MF Doom, "MA Doom - Son of Yvonne"

 Masta Ace and MF Doom are hip hop juggernauts in their own right. Ace has been killing it since the 80’s and has seen a resurgence in popularity since his Disposable Arts album dropped in 2001. MF Doom has been everyone’s favorite lo-fi villain, defying formulaic song creations and dropping classic albums like MM…Food, Madvillian as well as a wide variety of releases under his many aliases. Their collaboration on Son of Yvonne only meant that the album would be great. There is only one problem, it could have been better.
                Ace, as usual, shows up ready to play. From lyrical concepts to his actual flow, Ace shows why no one can step to what he’s accomplished, but he doesn’t beat the listener over the head with that fact. For evidence of this look to the tracks Da’Pro, Me And My Gang, Ninety Seventy Something…….hell, just listen to him spit on any of the tracks and the point will be made.
                Now, the part of the album that could have been better: the production by MF Doom. The beats are good, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I’ve heard quite a few of them on other releases, which seems par for the course from MF Doom here lately. If you aren’t familiar with MF’s work, this release will be a catch up session of sorts for you. If you are familiar with MF, then some of these tracks will have you searching your collection for other places you’ve heard these beats. I don’t know if the beat re-hash was intentional for the concept of the album , but I wasn’t ready for it. I will admit, it was dope to hear Ace spit on some of Doom’s better known beats, I was hoping for all new production for this release.
                MA_DOOM: Son of Yvonne is a definite gem. Although there are some obvious low points, the combination of Doom’s lo-fi throwback production with Masta Ace’s perfected flow more than makes up for them. Whatever faults this release has are minor. If you have been checking for this album, go get it! If you are undecided……….go get it!

-Irish Ninja

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