25 June 2012

Review: Oddisee - People See What They Hear

            Rarely does a hip hop album drop that literally anyone can identify with. Whether you are a thug, businessman, athlete, teacher, or simply a fellow human being, Oddisee has a way of scripting lyrics to a point that he could be spitting about anything going on in your life. Coupled with his style of production, it doesn’t take much to see why this album shines.
                The lead off track, “Ready To Roll”, plays like the soundtrack for the blue collar in us all. With the strings and horns laced throughout, the track becomes more infectious as the song continues. That feeling continues to hold the listener for the rest of the album. Track after track, Oddisee offers dope music that isn’t a club banger or about “trapping”. (Note: I’m not hating on club bangers and trap music, I just can’t listen to it ALL the time) Tracks like That Real, Another’s Grind, and They Know Who You Are bring that thump without requiring that Patron and big asses shaking be in the immediate area.
                Oddisee’s People See What They Hear is a testament that dope music exists outside of coke deals and club bangers. From start to finish, Oddisee cooks up some soulful boom bap that more than compliments his flow throughout the album. Oddisee has been creating his own lane for some time now and this release shows he still has plenty to offer.

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