27 June 2012

Some of Hip Hop's Freshest Successors

Today is a new day and age for hip hop and rap. We have artists that come from a multitude of backgrounds and from various places. Some of these new artists are talented, a waste of time, or just straight clowns. However, on this website and this movement, we want the real essence of Hip Hop and rap. The artists that made a name for themselves are under a microscope.  J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Big K.R.I.T, Wale, Meek Mill, Mac Miller, Big Sean, Stalley, and many more artists all have achieved a significant amount of success in their early careers. All of these artists definitely are lyrical and possess it in their own way. Since these artists have done so well they have put a target on their own back. Will all of these artists make it? Here is my opinion on a few of them…

J.Cole: Cole World! Young Simba came up, he warmed up, and then he blew up! (Blow up from Friday Night Lights). J.Cole definitely has what it takes to last in this industry, his lyrics, his stories, his uplifting rhymes, and life experiences have become the hot commodity that he supplies that the people want to hear. Cole even has the female populous on his shoulders. With his uplifting lyrics towards women and viewing the actual WOMEN for something beautiful, he definitely has an army of femme fatale at his side. Even though it’s been a while since he dropped some artwork, he has a piece coming out with Kendrick Lamar soon. The people need you Cole!
Kendrick Lamar: Now he is an artist! K.Lamar is an amazingly gifted poet/lyricist. This man has recently released his EP “O.verly D.edicated,” which was a mixtape that had so much lyrical content and realism that you would’ve thought you actually lived what he was speaking about. Kendrick Lamar is his own prodigy that came to the light. There are high expectations for him whether he stayed underground or goes fully commercial. Kendrick Lamar displays knowledge beyond most people’s imagination and places this in his music. I’m definitely rooting for him to exist in this music industry. He among others is definitely the future of the culture.

Big K.R.I.T.: All I can say about him is wow. K.R.I.T. (King Remembered In Time) is a southern lyrical genius who delivers a soulful punch to hip hop. Krit reminds you of a southern rap group that went by the name of UGK (R.I.P. Pimp C). Krit is like a modern day southern Black Panther’s advocate that exposes some thought provoking questions in his lyrics. He raps about the struggle and the realness of not just his hood but many different situations that can apply to anyone in the struggle. This artist also has a fine taste for old school whips with wood grain steering wheels and all the other trimming of a playa’s pimp mobile (but not too gaudy). Krit also produces beats for many artists like Wiz Khalifa’s “Glass House” from Kush & Orange Juice, or Ludacris’ “What you smoking on” from 1.21 Gigawatts: Back to the First time. Big K.R.I.T. is definitely built to last. If you haven’t heard him go check him out and listen to his new album Live from the Underground.

Wale: A true poet and a rapper. Wale incorporates his intellect of academic knowledge, sports background, and occasional references to his ideal woman. When Wale released his first LP things weren’t looking to well. Some thought that it was a close career-ender, but I personally loved the album. I’ve been a Wale fan since I first heard him. Regardless of his adversity he overcame it and found a home at The Untouchable Maybach Music Group. Rozay has great A&R skills and saw to it that Wale’s The Eleven One Eleven Theory and his second LP Ambition was everywhere that hip-hop had the minimal amount of relevance. Wale has definitely risen above the negative and has become one of the power artists of the new school.

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