16 June 2012

Rants: Twon Johnson on Rihanna

Every once in a while, we at BITM get a little heated over the state of some things in our illustrious community and we'll rant and rave in our own way. Here's the first of many, provided by none other than the big man himself, Twon Johnson...

Rihanna is an amazing human being. She has managed to amass a successful career as a youngin the heights to which current legends still haven't seen in their entire careers. For most people, the success she has alone would be enough to be satisfied. But nah, this lady done f*cked around and realized the power of that pussy at the same damn time. 

You see attractive women typically tend to hustle in a completely different way than men do. But most use their bodies to come up in the game. Rihanna is already at the top of the game, and is STILL using that thang for evil.

Pussy plus Power equals Total Domination. It's just like a one-two punch. If Rihanna was a regular woman who smashed Drake and Breezy, they wouldn't be fighting over it NEARLY as much, regardless of how good it was. It's Rih-rih's status in the game stacked on top of a heavenly snatch that has sparked the most hyped R&B beef since Usher & Sisqo.........................................................................................

A powerful woman, status wise, who knows how to use her body often times will leave destruction in her wake. This time, amongst the debris of the "thugged-out" shitstorm sparked by Rihanna's vagina was a violent Canadian swinging bottles at the current too-gangta champ, Fist Brown.

I say the most unfortunate thing in this situation is the fact that rappers around the world are going to start writing bars about how that box got them niggaz sprung. A man should never stoop so low as to get into a fight over one damn female when there's just so much else to conquer out there, if that's how you get down. Trippin over one woman is hustlin backwards, period.  

Especially when it becomes community meat...which it has. Christopher, Aubrey, tighten up fellas. 

-Twon Johnson

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  1. It's so true. I'm waiting for the sex tape to come out. I wanna see what got these niggas head sprung.