16 July 2012

10,000 Page Views!!!

We did it! In just a few short weeks, we managed to cross the 10,000 page view barrier! Some of you may be thinking "big freakin' deal," right? Well, it IS a big deal. For starters, when I was running this site by myself, I was lucky to get 20 page views a week. I went back, got four homeys that would write for me like I would write for them (get the reference?) and bow! damn near 1,000 views a week, if not more. For any bloggers out there, it is all about getting your message out. Why else would we do this? If we didn't want views, we would just type this shit on our computers and leave it there in a Pages or Word document.

Instead, I put my soul out there and thankfully people wanted to hear (or read) what I had to say. I have to give a HUGE thanks to my boys TwonJohnson, SdotFly, Ra'z Al Ghoul and the Irish Ninja: without you it would have taken another four years or more to get here. Instead, we did this shit in a month! Just imagine what the future holds, eh?

For everyone that has supported us over the past few weeks (or months or years), we owe you a huge THANK YOU! Big things are in the plans, including more Pioneer Series, those t-shirts we keep talking about, more #NiftyWorld sites and the RETURN of BITM on YouTube! I'm excited about what we have planned and you should be excited too; we do this shit for you.

Despite the impressive views, we're still in our infancy. If anyone wants to be a part of the team (street team, writing team, promotion team) or even wants to network, then hit us up at BestInTheMix@gmail.com or peep us on Twitter @BestInTheMix. Yes, we're everywhere, damn near, and we won't stop until we ARE everywhere! Again, thank you for your support, but don't stop now!

Run with the Best: BestInTheMix.com
#NiftyWorld--Get on and get right or get left!

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  1. Am very glad that this site is up and running and doing so damn well. Love for y'alls hard work...