31 July 2012

Rant: MMG or MMG?

So I was online the other day and I saw a link to a MMG mixtape. I couldn’t click that link fast enough. When the screen popped up I couldn’t believe what I saw…….damn Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group. I was beyond annoyed. I went back and did some research and it looks like he has been using the MMG flag for a minute now.
Pull up a chair and let me school y’all real quick. Maybach Music Group started some time in 2009. The first (real) MMG is Mello Music Group. Mello Music Group started around 2007. Oddisee’s album 101 dropped in 2008. I only mention it because that’s when I started following the label. And it’s not like Mello Music has been sitting on their laurels. If you know: Hassan Mackey, Stik Figa, Oddisee, Apollo Brown, Boog Brown, Gensu Dean, or Diamond District, then you know who Mello Music Group is. If not, then you should click this link, http://www.mellomusicgroup.com, and see what you have been missing.
I’m guessing that Maybach Music is a big deal; one of the perks of being an indie head is I can be selectively aloof. Being aloof didn’t help me this time around though, since now I have to go through my all of my music and make sure that the MMG I currently own talks about things in my price range…..red bottoms not included.

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