09 July 2012

Rants: The Awkward Leggings

This post will touch on two topics at the same damn time: leggings as pants and fat people in leggings. You can blame my roommate for this one. It would appear that she has a huge gripe against females wearing leggings in the place of pants. Namely, shirt or blouse and tights...and basically nothing else.

Being a fairly stereotypical male, a good looking woman in leggings or tights doesn't bother me one bit. I love it, actually. Judge me. *shrugs* It seems as if women disagree and see the act as classless. She put up a post on FB yesterday and was met with overwhelming support from women. I want to call bullshit, though, because I see a TON of women doing it. Granted, many wear shirts or blouses long enough to pass their waist, but that's not the argument here.

What I DO have a problem with, however, is big women. Not in general, mind you; The Niftian loves a woman with meat on her bones. But I prefer for a woman to dress for the body she has and not the body she WISHES she had. I know a lot of thick women that will rock the hell out of an outfit and look way better than a skinny chick in something skimpy. Big women in leggings, though? Don't do it. Please don't.

Please, I beg you.

What's even worse? Big women + leggings + underwear you see through their tights. What in the HELL are y'all thinking? Stop embarrassing yourselves with the purple polka dotted panties seen through your sheer tights. It's...ugh! You know what, this goes for thin women, too. Contrary to what you may believe, we men don't want to see your undies...unless we're about to take them off of you. But not when you're walking down the street.

I swear, the fashion sense in this culture is getting more and more ratchet. Maybe Twon Johnson will write an article on his love of skinny jeans next...ha! That's funny because Twon is like 6'3", 215lbs. He wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of skinny jeans. What ISN'T funny is that some of you big dudes would. Lil Wayne has y'all gassed up...

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  1. Well now, that depends. Where am I going and what is my plan for that day? If I'm going out to exercise, sure. If I'm going anywhere else, meh, not so much. A well fitted pair of jeans (shows shape of ass, but not poured into them) or a nice skirt serves me better. But, that is a personal thing. As to the rest of that, I think I must agree about dressing to the body you have instead of the body you wish for.