20 August 2012

Clear Your Soul with these Forces

Don’t you hate when you find out about something that you SHOULD know about but you don’t? For example; a restaurant right around the corner from where you live at but you’ve never seen it and it turns out to be the best thing in the world. This happened to me about two and a half weeks ago with an up and coming rap lyrical power house that goes by the name of Clear Soul Forces. Clear Soul Forces consist of Ilajidae, J-Roc, LAZ, and E-Fav. Mind you, I’m from Detroit and was raised in Inkster, and had no clue about them which I’m disappointed in myself and my cities for not being aware to REAL Hip-Hop. I was at work and a customer asked about what it is that I really wanted to do. I got to telling him about the BITM movement and website, and he put me on game about this group. The first song that I heard from this group was, “Get no better.” These guys have amazing flow to this mellow upbeat elevator music. The lyrics that they come with are not just the average punch lines; they are creative and paint vivid pictures. The second song I heard by these dudes was “Keep it Movin.” Believe me this song is FIRE. My favorite line is from J-Roc: “Enter the Dragon when I’m spazzin/ engaging in Mortal Kombat/ when half of them is inadequate.” After I heard these two songs I bought the album and got the mixtapes IMMEDIATELY.

Coming from Detroit, and knowing these type of lyricists exist other than the normal D-Boy shit (which I love to blast at times, don’t get me wrong), is a blessing. Their first album, “Detroit Revolution(s)” is remarkable. Every track supplies the listener with words that cease to amaze. This album is predominantly sustained with dark tracks as portrayed on their album cover (which is a piece of what the armies of the Motor City wear, all black everything). My favorite track off this joint is “Rap Attack// Jammin’.” No punches pulled on this track, I don’t know the full capability of these artists but DAMN. LAZ comes in on this song with, “Since we dropped that departure disc/ you niggas wait and pray that we swing and miss. Well the waits over lets get into it/ I give you this Timmy on the toilet that retarded shit.” I don’t need to say anymore on this song except listen to it yourself.

Clear soul Forces is exactly what we at Best In The Mix wish to expose to the Hip-Hop lovers worldwide and I have the email threads to back it up. All of the BITM crew is feeling this group. One rapper that is feeling the same way we do is Royce Da 5’9. He influenced the individuals to be a group, and thank God that they listened. If you are a fan of real art in the Hip-Hop Essence support these guys and BUY their album.
Just some lyrics that they said that gave me CHILLS…

“Supernatural vinacular the cure for the hopeless/ Hellen Keller’s favorite song/ Stevie Wonder’s favorite poster. We on a quest hodgy/ The game of life dice rolled landed us in the jungle Jumanji.” J-Roc

“Every day is light wear/ hades babies laying there/ I been to hell and back, thermostat, STAT you lil niggas. The Phoenix is risen I flap my wings and set fire to pidgeons/ society’s menace.”-LAZ

“Gazer beam wash it off/ precision never drogging off/ we shooting keep it moving we get it cracking like a mazel tov/ if you the one up bruh, son up Scott Summers/ that’s Cable (“Not on that bitch cause we don’t have a label!”-LAZ)-Ilajide

“Somebody ought a tell ‘em that if we broke and fucked up/ then that’s more reason for us to be high and coked up, what!?/ Who got the lighter I’m sort of a genius writer/embodied inside a fighter droppin’ bombs like Stryker…”- E-Fav

Detroit Revolution(s)-Album
Clear Soul Radio-Mixtape
Departure (Ep)

......Their pieces of work

You can cop these jawns at http://clearsoulforces.bandcamp.com/
If you love REAL Hip-Hop check them out and cherish them. S/O to the whole Clear Soul Forces team for looking out. 

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