01 August 2012

Future of the Femcee

Hip Hop has branched out to many people of the world of all races and genders from all corners of the world since its birth. There have been many who have tried and failed to actually make the attempt to be a producer of Hip Hop for a variety of reasons (actual desire to be a lyricist, the love of music, express feelings, fame, money, etc…) but these days no matter the reason some of the talent has gotten watered down due to lack of talent, commercial companies re-imaging the artist, and trying to conform to another artists style. I know an artist that has been keeping it real. She is my top candidate as an upcoming female rapper. She has it all: lyricism, storytelling, intelligence, consciousness, empowerment, and any other great attribute you can place in a HIP HOP ARTIST. Nitty Scott, MC, is a “Born in Michigan, made in Florida, paid in New York,” mc and she brings it. As far as I’m concerned, she’s one of the best female MC’s in the game. She’s even killing a lot of dudes as well. Her first piece of work was a 13 track joint titled The Cassette Chronicles. This mixtape is a beauty. She blends this mixtape together with non-stop flows and punch lines. She has a few freestyles and murders them ALL. Her second mixtape is named Doobies x Popsicle sticks. This mixtape is an 8 track joint with her just flowing on each and every track. The only thing wrong with this to me is that it isn’t long enough. She did put a nice addition on the tape and hopped on some of the tracks from some of the great female artists and just spit off of them to pay homage. I fiend for her music, and if you love Hip-Hop, you will too. Nitty Scott MC, and her boombox family is a PRIME example of what I want to do as the youth member of the BITM crew; she spits lyrics to open eyes to my generation and the younger ones. She recently was a part of Hot 97’s own Peter Rosenberg’s birthday celebration titled Peter Rosenberg presents: A Night of Real Hip-Hop. The title alone lets you know that no flukes are allowed. For her to be a part of that event for Peter Rosenberg is simply amazing, based on the fact that he holds no punches and does not sugar coat if your music is actually deemed worthy of listening to; not saying that he is almighty, just that he isn’t a stranger to noticing real Hip-Hop. Nitty Scott, MC has opened for Kendrick Lamar, Q-Tip, and others. She recently had a spot on BET’s Hip-Hop awards and kicked a nice FREESTYLE on the air. In my eyes she is a female cross between a dash of Nas, Common, and Jean Grae (not to their level of course, put your guns down, I’m white flagging). She is definitely not another Nicki Minaj (Thank God), even though she is VERY easy on the eyes and around my age, Hi Nitty *Royce da 5’9 voice.* With that being said, I’m dropping the mic like Beyonce did at the VMA’s…

And by the way it’s Nitty Scott, MC. Make sure you put the “MC” in the title WITH the comma, or she will not hesitate to correct you. Check out Nitty Scott, MC's website http://www.nittyscottmc.com/ 


  1. Hmm...I'll check for her. I am a HUGE fan of Jean Grae and have been since This Week dropped years ago. She's one of my favorite emcees, period, and not just for female emcees.

  2. Ok this is just a test for ole niftster, more to come soon from a guy with two thumbs that points em back at oneself saying " this guy "

  3. She is a slight blend of them all. The girl has skills, what I say in my bio as far as the youth of the music, she puts in her songs. If she's not doing that she will snap on the verse and throw punchlines. I am sure that if she continues doing what she's doing she'll be up there.