10 August 2012

Sharing Is Caring...

I freaking love hip hop. I personally believe it's one of the most diverse musical genres out there right now.  A simple scroll through Best In The Mix is a testament to that statement. There are so many talented cats on the scene now and breaking through to the next level, that it can be damn near impossible to catch them all. I'll be the first to admit, I miss new dope all the time, and I listen to a LOT of music. If it wasn't for my BITM brethren, I'd be missing out on quite a bit. In the spirit of sharing, here are two acts I've come across that I think you should keep an ear out for:

Ground Up - This trio out of Philly have been going strong for about four years now. MCs Azar and Malakai along with producer Bij Lincs have been steadily increasing their buzz with each mixtape they have dropped. In four years they have put down nine mixtapes, so it's safe to say these cats are on their grind. Their latest mixtape (at the time of this post), The Get Up, shows their ever increasing skill and ability to rock the hell out of whatever mic they touch. The Ground Up crew currently have a Supernatural Series going on where they are dropping a new jam weekly leading up to the release of their newest mixtape, Supernatural, which will be dropping very soon. "Skill Over Swag" is their motto; follow the jump over to their site and see why.

Get Busy Committee - This supergroup is composed of indie mainstays Apathy, Ryu, and producer Scoop DeVille. Apathy and Ryu have been doing their damn thing separately for a long time. Check for Apathy's solo releases, countless projects, and guest spots as well as Ryu's work with Styles of Beyond, Fort Minor and guest spots. These two are also associated with the hip hop collective powerhouse Demigodz (new album coming!). Sccop DeVille is a production beast. For proof of this, go back and listen to Snoop Dogg's I Wanna Rock, The Game's Ha Ha, and Bishop Lamont's Anything. Yeah, that's him killing those tracks. Get Busy dropped Uzi Does It in 2009 and, between the beats and the wordplay, there weren't many albums that were bringing it on that level. Rumor has it Get Busy Committee will be dropping a new album soon. Let's hope the rumors are true. Until that day, check out the album Uzi Does It and The Opening Ceremony Mixtape and see what your party/ride/life has been missing.

~Irish Ninja

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