13 January 2013

NEW MUSIC: Joey Bada$$ - Unorthodox

If you know anything about anything, then you know that a DJ Premier co-sign carries a lot of weight in the world of hip hop. Frankly, I may love an artist, but if Preemo comes out against that person, I may have to go back and take a second listen to make sure my ears weren’t busted the first time. Premier is one of the originators of the genre and comes highly regarded, supremely favored, and unusually trusted.

He co-signs Joey Bada$$.

If you’re new to BITM or just haven’t been paying any damn attention, then you wouldn’t know that we also co-signed on the young emcee from NYC mid last year. This cat is gifted with an old school flow and mindset that belies his young age. Hell, he can’t even legally drink yet and he can probably take your favorite new rapper to school! Don’t believe me? Peep the latest hotness, “Unorthodox,” by Joey Bada$$, produced by the great DJ Premier. The Niftian, out…

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