22 February 2013

VIDEO: Kendrick Lamar ft. Drake - Poetic Justice

It's been a long time coming. And even though the majority of BITM won't hesitate to publicly voice our disdain for anything Drake is a part of (then give him props when ain't nobody lookin), we have all been waiting for the day when Kendrick Lamar would finally debut the video for "Poetic Justice."

He has gone on record saying that he wanted Janet Jackson to appear in the video, and even (semi) begged and pleaded on camera asking her to help him illustrate his masterful single. The song has been in radio rotation for awhile now, so it was only a matter of time before Kendrick blessed us with the video to a song that could easily skyrocket his album sales.

The concept for the video will easily go over a casual fan's head, which attributes to the genius of KDOT. He is able to appeal to everyone from the radio head to the eThug talkin shit on a hip-hop blog.

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