15 March 2013

VIDEO: T.I. - Addresses

If you keep up with BITM you know that Tip's eight studio album got a solid 4 tapes from us. Even though he has been a bit inconsistent with his recent LPs (complacency? too much jail maybe?), it is safe to say that the KING is back to reclaim his crown. But how do you follow the cinematic short film Trap Back Jumpin? Simple, make Addresses another visual masterpiece that keeps us eager for the next epic installment. Mr.Harris has confirmed that this is a diss record but has kept quiet on who it's about.

"It was direct. Now the thing about who it was directed too, It benefits them more than it benefits me, for me to put it out there. So I made it directly in a way only they will know. Therefore they can not get any shine off of it."

Regardless if you are able to decipher who the intended target is is irrelevant. With this video TIP wants to take us on another journey through the world that he lives in. The sensational nature of his story telling is never meant to be hyperbole, but rather a genuine glance into events in his life that have made him the man that is today. So sit back, grab a snack and enjoy.

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