30 May 2013

VIDEO: De La Soul - Get Away ft. The Spirit Of Wu-Tang

A few weeks ago De La Soul came out left field and dropped the single Get Away. I first heard it on my way to/from work. The track is sampled from Wu-Tang's classic double CD album Forever  (hence The Spirit Of Wu-Tang in track title). Specifically the Intro track on disc 2, in which the RZA simply talks over the beat in the background. De La decides to grab a few quotes to start the track: 
For the last year there's been a lot of music comin out
The shit been weak, knowhatI'msayin?
A lot of [dudes] trying to take hip-hop
And make that shit R&B, rap and bullshit yaknowhatI'msayin?
Or make that shit funk
Fuck that, this is MCin right here, this is hip-hop
I was confused at first because I didn't know why there would be a remix of an intro. And I definitely thought my car was broke when I read that this was a De La track. But in a year of overproduced (and under produced) singles with the same hip-pop blueprint, this song was a welcome change (yes technically this isn't a "new track" since it's a straight sample..but the way De La made it into an actual song is new). While De La Soul was never a "street" group like the Wu, both crews were always know for strong conscience lyrics. And of course having their own unique styles.

Lyrically the track is solid (it'll take few listens to fully appreciate them). Almost 25 years in the game and it seems like the crew aint miss a beat. The song is simply each emcees pov of the current state of hip-hop. They reminisce over their early days and realize that gimmicks are now the norm. The minimal chorus echos this sentiment: "Go, get away from here." Even though they would be considered the "old heads" in a young mans game, De La makes sure that we know that they can still go toe to toe with the best of them. The video keeps it visually simple, yet contextually complex (just like the lyrics). The crew appears rapping inside of a Rubik's cube which could be viewed as them trying to figure what is going on with the rap game right now. This is just what I saw though, what do uall think?

De La Soul's next studio album You're Welcome is set to drop towards the end of the year. You know we'll be looking for it........

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