23 August 2013

Review: Dizzy Wright - The Golden Age

Well readers, I dropped the ball on this one. I have been sleeping on this artist heavily. The only time I listened to him is his “Maintain” feature with Joey Bada$$ (Listen to it here on BITM). That song alone should have been enough to influence me to listen to him, but I stuck to my slumber. Dizzy Wright dropped his mixtape “The Golden Age” a couple of days ago. Prior to this mixtape I heard maybe three songs from him. They were very good songs that actually carried a message, I just never pursued any more of his music. I am grateful that I am aware of his ability now because this dude can spit. He is just yet another reminder of why the West Coast is on top when it comes to which region is producing the best music overall; as Twon states in his article How The West Was "One."

Before I heard the rest of the mixtape, “Maintain” featuring Joey Bada$$ (written in a prior article written by myself), was hands down my favorite track. After listening to half of the mixtape, I had about three more contenders. Once I got through the whole tape, I couldn't decide. This mixtape is half hip-hop and half rap. You get the best of both worlds. I was excited to hear each and every track the deeper I got into the tape. As a younger rapper/MC this was a brilliant format for a mixtape. For younger ears, there is a balance of tracks that have a positive message & tracks that are simply punch lines and sweet rhymes.

This is a 22 track mixtape that I believe old heads and youngins can come to terms with. I don’t think Dizzy Wright purposely tried to make a project that has the potential to bridge the worlds; he just followed his own style and creativity which happened to be a great outcome. Dizzy is one of the emerging rappers who try to enlighten and show the youth that there is more to life then clothes, money, and partying. “The Golden Age” has appearances from Joey Bada$$, Kirk Knight (of Pro Era), Wyclef, Tory Lanez and more. For those looking for Hip-Hop tracks, I suggest listeners start off with songs like “Maintain,” “The Perspective,” “Untouchable,” and “World Peace.” If you want punch lines go for “Fashion,” “B.T.T.,” and “Step Yo Game Up.” If you’re reading this, don’t be like myself and sleep on the kid.

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