17 September 2013

REVIEW: Drake - Nothing Was The Same

It's Junior year this time around for this rapper/MC/Singer. Started from Degrassi now the boy is here. Young Money's most marketable artist, Drake is days away from releasing his third LP, Nothing Was The Same (NWTS). The heavily anticipated and anxiously awaited album is greatly appreciated, already. Unfortunately, the album leaked: like many other artists' projects are doing for numerous amounts of reasons. Regardless of leaks, the most important thing is that we have more undoubtedly good music from an artist who (almost) never disappoints his fans.

The first track "Tuscan Leather" is a very arrogant track. This track has three different tempos but based off the same instrumental. Drizzy at this point in his career knows he is THE shit and reminds these others rappers that he is on top right now. You can envision the celebration of the success of Drake and his OVO team from his last release "Take  Care," and other song features that has his whole camp flourishing in the luxuries of life. The second and third parts of the song switches up the beat but still has a little of the same sample. Drake is still conveying the same message as far as success, but he's doing so on a more personal and intimate level: speaking on some of the things that he has done and achieved.

Track 7 is "From Time" featuring Jhene Aiko and this is yet another track that the Toronto prophet shows his progression in honing his craft. Drake takes listeners on a trip to his past and speaks about his real life experiences both recently and long ago with his father and past women in his life, but his ability to ride this harmonic beat and his rhyme scheme is what brought me to enjoy this joint.

The best track on the whole album is "Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2" (strictly speaking about "Pound Cake" though) featuring none other than the GOAT Jay Z. Drake's verses are nice however, it was completely overshadowed by Hov's. Jay comes in so disrespectfully with, "I had Benzes 'fore you had braces/ The all black Maybach but I'm not a racist/ Inside's whiter than Katy Perry's face is/ Yellow Diamonds in my Jesús/ I just might learn to speak Mandarin/ Japanese for the yen that I'm handling…" Jay did not just stop there he gets bold and slightly addresses Beanie Siegel (due to the fact that Beanz threw shade on Hov last year in an interview). Jay rebuttals, "I've done made more millionaires than the lotto did/ Dame made millions, Bigg made millions, Ye made millions, Just made millions, Lyor made millions, Cam made millions/ Beans tell you if he wasn't in his feelings…" With another legendary collaboration like the one on Thank Me Later, NWTS not only meets its predecessor, it vastly surpasses it.

The main thing that I do not like on this album is the track "Wu-Tang Forever." The track is one of those slow sentimental songs that Drake so frequently makes. He does rap on it a little but it's not enough. I think the main thing that I have that conflicts with the song is that it has "Wu-Tang" in the title. You can't make a song with this legendary group in the title and make it a soft track, that's just disrespectful. I guess that's Aubrey's steez though.

The production and effort put into this album is definitely easy to hear. For Drake's third album you can tell of how much he has progressed through time. He might not be that 'Mixtape Drake' that he once was (as we can say about plenty of artists regarding their mixtape content & style vs. album content & style), but I think he grew and became something far better. I think this album is another great body of work from Drake especially with me being a fan. Drake made tracks for everybody to vibe to, including his altar R&B singing ego for the ladies. NWTS has a few features on it in which all are enjoyable: Jay Z, Jhene Aiko, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Majid Jordan and Detail all make cameos on this album. Of the three albums he has released, this is definitely the best one and I highly recommend that copping it. 

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