17 November 2013

NEW BITM Affiliate

Wassup BITM readers and fans! Normally we would be posting abut some news or a mixtape or album review but we are currently in an expansion process. We would like to take the time out to inform our readers about a new affiliate that we currently have relations with. We recently linked up with Christian Vy'lyncia and Taylor Lee at Ohio State University who have their own radio show titled "The Kickback" at the highly prestigious school. These two femme fatales have been on the radio for a little over a year now and they know what they are doing. It is a two hour show that predominantly plays Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B. They cover news in the industry and well known independent artists who aren't necessarily classified as commercial. You can tune into the show at arouseose.com for "The Kickback" on Monday's from 5-7pm. Show some love to our people over at Ohio State University and tune into their show this Monday! 

Twitter: @_KJTheGreat, @boojie_urbanite (Christian Vy'lyncia)
E-mail: Kjohnsonk14@gmail.com

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