24 December 2013

In Case You Missed It: Capital STEEZ - AmeriKKKan Korruption Reloaded

Exactly a year ago a legend-to-be died (self inflicted), and he went by the name of Capital STEEZ. Capital STEEZ belonged to the Pro Era crew that is headed by Joey Bada$$. He coexisted with Joey as the heads of the group during their recent rise to power as a lyrical assassins. In my personal opinion, STEEZ was better than Joey but not by much. Capital STEEZ released his AmerriKKKan Korruption mixtape in October of 2012, which was heavily slept on until his death. The Pro Era camp re-launched this mixtape titling it AmeriKKKan Korruption Reloaded, with the only difference being two tracks.I think with the one year anniversary of his death is time that he is further recognized and praised as the great MC he was becoming. 

AmeriKKKan Korruption Reloaded is definitely one for the books. Capital STEEZ stamped his name in the game with incessant effortless flows, witty punch lines, and enchanting lyrics. At the end of track one on the reloaded version, Steez states that he simply just wants to rap, nothing else. STEEZ uses the Pro Era theme with the "Golden Era" sound and succeeds as he attempts to resurrect actual lyrics and eliminate the subpar Lil B struggle bars that he has consistently taken shots at. 

"Doggybag" is a track that I recommend as a first listen to everyone who has not heard this mixtape. It is a 2:23 track with a simple beat with nothing but potent punch lines that is guaranteed to make the listener "feel some type of way" when listening to it. Another track by the name of "47 Elements," captured me with the use of a few bars and a reference to the periodic table of elements: "Said, let me introduce you to the elements Aye, you (Au)/ I heard you shining, but I got that gold membership/ I rose from the bush like Valentine's petals/ From an unstable family of alkali metals…" If you don't know, Au is the abbreviation for gold on the periodic table of elements in which the intelligent STEEZ apathetically schools anyone who isn't aware of this as he states in his following bar. 

AmeriKKKan Korruption/ AmeriKKKan Korruption Reloaded unfortunately is the only solo project we were graced with from Capital STEEZ but it definitely will be remembered from those of us who listened to him. With production hailing from Pro Era artists like Chuck Strangers, Kirk Knight and none other than the Bada$$ this mixtape hits home. Others overseeing production were seasoned veterans like MF DOOM, DJ Premier, Free The Robots and others it's hard to be disappointed if you are a fan of underground hip-hop. This is my ode to the MC who left before his time was up, Rest In Peace Capital STEEZ…

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