03 March 2014


Surprise LP's are becoming a new trend as of lately since Beyoncé dropped her self titled album. Last week, Kid Cudi dropped his album titled "Satellite Flight." This is Cudi's second post project since his departure of G.O.O.D. Music. "Satellite Flight" reigns among his other albums and most of his discography as "not for everyone." This is not a hip-hop album, rap album or anything related. It's simply Cudi's music. As Mescudi so frequently states, he doesn't look at his self as a rapper but as an artist though he can still rap his ass off.
As Cudi has done on previous projects, for track(s) there might be little to no lyrics at all. The tracks without lyrics are just the final result of the sound that he concocted. "Destination: Mother Moon" and "Copernicus Landing" are perfect examples of this. 

Though there are tracks without a single lyric, Kid Cudi compensates for with meaning on "Going To the Ceremony." This song illustrates and compares Cudi to another individual. Cudi's story is that he is as free as a bird flying through the mountains but does not know where he is headed in life. The anonymous guest is a complacent zombie who is going through the motions and does not know where they are going either. What Kid Cudi is attempting to convey is that life is happening and time will not cease, you're going to your own specific ceremony no matter what that may be.

"Satellite Flight" has an eerie tone that places you in a mind set as if you were in space. Cudi really touched base with his sound meeting the title of the album. If I had to describe the album in one word, it would be eclectic. I was never a huge fan of Kid Cudi's music until recently. It took a while for me to understand and appreciate what it is that he is doing. This album is more along the lines of "Yeezus" as far as sound goes, though "Yeezus" had a slight influence of hip-hop on it. If you didn't like Ye's last album, then it is likely you won't like this project from Mescudi (if you've never listened to any of his previous work). I really like this project from Cudi and think it is very artistic, however, I honestly would have liked to hear more lyrics to his tracks. I still think this is a nice piece from him.

Notable Tracks: Going To the Ceremony, Satellite Flight, Internal Bleeding
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