25 April 2014

The Tape Deck: But Not Really.......


 So the Tape Deck label was the closest one I could match for this one right here. Cats are constantly reminiscing on 90's hip hop. While I am definitely a proponent of the current state of hip hop as a whole, this video clip right here is a shining example of why some just aren't letting go of the 90s. After watching this, I can't blame them either. When the first (and as far as I'm concerned, real) run of The Arsenio Hall Show aired it's final show, some of hip hop's then shining stars: Q-Tip, Yo-Yo, CL Smooth, Fu-Schnickens, Das-Efx, and Guru to name a few, came out and performed a song written just for him. If you watched Arsenio back in the day, get ready to remember this one. For those who don't know Arsenio but know their hip hop history, then get ready for a geek moment. Arsenio Hall was a staple in late night talk show, and the love he got in the end was more than deserved. Check it out.