26 May 2014


 A while back, Chairman of the Mix TwonJonson hipped me to this band called RDGLDGRN (Red, Gold, Green - get it?) and I've been rocking them eversince. Mixing rock, hip hop, and definite mic skills, RDGLDGRN is definitely a group you want to add to your summer playlists. Last week I got a notification of a new track they dropped called Hooligans. Needless to say I checked the track, and the track is GOOD. Most will easily recognize the sample that starts the song off, but I don't know if it's looped or if the band is just playing sample live. Either way, it's slamming. Add the extra funk they laid over the loop plus Green's flow and you have a track that gets you amped for whatever they got coming next. Click here to check out Hooligans and don't forget to cop the free download. Until next time.........

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