06 May 2014

Local Artist: Detroit Che

Detroit has a plethora, a gold mine even, of up and coming rappers that actually have captured the essence of what the Motor City used to sound like. Prior to the guns, violence, and gangster rap, we had soul in our music. J. Dilla, Elzhi, Slum Village, Black Milk and others was the voice of the city before it became the murderous sound that it has now. We are currently on a brink of a creative era, with Clear Soul Forces being the new pulse that brought the most life and attention back to Detroit, it was only a matter of time before the soul spread through the streets. Ladies & gentleman, boys & girls I give you Detroit Che.

Detroit Che is nothing but rawness. On the mic, she is absolutely nothing like them power puff girl ingredients (sugar, spice, and everything nice), she comes to destroy the track and make you look like you are a novice or just shouldn't be in her class at all. This is not your everyday female rapper that makes the same trash, Che is gritty and far from prissy. She puts on for the city of Detroit and she does it very well. She has mastered the alliteration of words and chopping up syllables and piecing them together. You can not and will not be disappointed with her as an artist. As she states on her "Levels" freestyle, "Fuck that female shit I don't need no slack, no pity none of that shit," and she doesn't. Detroit Che is one of the front runner's for the reclaiming of Detroit's reign in hip-hop. Enjoy!

This is the Noah mixtape in which you can also visit her soundcloud for more individual tracks.

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