13 June 2014

REVIEW: Nitty Scott MC - The Art of Chill

As no stranger to BITM, Nitty Scott MC is back with her newest project The Art of Chill. Negating the title as a “femcee,” this adept young MC has stayed in her lane and conquered her own real estate in hip-hop. With her recent appearance in USA TODAY grabbing one of the bigger slots recognizing female rappers, she demonstrates yet again why she has gained the success she has over her career; and it is not for her jaw dropping beauty, girlie can spit.

The Art of Chill is Nitty’s introduction to her spirituality and diving into her past to show how she's grown as an individual. Her past mixtapes weren’t personal, just displays of her talent. Recently Nitty has been reading books on chakras, nature, astral occurrences, and elements of hindu and Islam which is reflected through her sound and the artwork of the tape. “Unfiltered Offering” is a prime example of the combination between her recent reading and spiritual approach.  On this track she alternates her voice to an alien tone and a spaced out beat to bring the listener closer to the scene of her track/album. “Apex” featuring Ab-Soul brings a similar type of eeriness with more of a jazz influence. A lot of artists have a lot of features to attract listeners to their project, this feature isn’t the case. I think this record is more of a statement for her as she definitely holds her own against The Black-Lip Bastard.

“Knowbody Knows” deals with Nitty and her depression from dealing with a dysfunctional family and having to move between homes while having her panic attacks. This is more of a darker tack introducing listeners to Nitty Scott’s life. “Still I Rise” is probably my favorite track on here. This is by far the most moving and emotional track on this tape. Nitty Scott takes the time out to talk to her mother and vent about her step father’s indecencies of sexually abusing her as a child and having to leave her home. You can almost feel the pain as if you were with her through her words and feelings. This is my favorite song because of how strong Nitty Scott MC had to be to finally come forth with this part of her life on a track. The title of the track is also the hook and it displays hope from coming from Nitty’s dark past while telling her fans that you can overcome your situation(s). 

The Art of Chill is yet another a solid project from Nitty Scott MC that she can place under her belt. This is her first time letting fans in through her music and is a deep 1st chapter. There are a few features on here but many are just for vocals. Appearances are made by Ab-Soul, Eliki, Sene, Rob Regis, Rapper Big Pooh, Sam B, and Stacy Barthe. If you have never listened to Nitty I highly recommend it, she is not your average female rapper like Nicki or Iggy Azelea. She has a passion for hip-hop and puts in the work to separate her music from the mainstream female rappers.

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