22 July 2014

THE TAPE DECK: Styles P - The Life ft Pharoahe Monch

There is no doubt that The LOX are one of the best groups in hip hop history. But picking the alpha emcee out of the D-Block trio is a bit more complicated. I always flip flopped between Jada and Styles, and it got to the point where my "favorite" emcee was the one who released the latest album. But if I HAD to choose, (for example, if a wizard appeared and said," Choose one, or all will vanish") I would choose the Ghost by a minuscule margin. To me A Gangster And A Gentleman is the best solo album from the group and the second most popular single (Good Times was by far the biggest commercial track from the album) The Life is a big reason why. My only complaint, how'd Monch NOT get a verse?! Come on Styles. It is an amazing hook, but he ain't Patty Labelle. So peep the video below. And try and catch all the cameos at the end of the track (I know I def forgot about all of them).

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