03 September 2014

VIDEO: Time Is Illmatic trailer

Since Nas dropped his 20 year anniversary re-release of Illmatic (Illmatic XX) in April, the god emcee has been making his rounds in the entertainment circuits. Even blessing the stage at Coachella with a performance of his entire classic album. In October Nasty is gearing to go on a month long tour, the Time Is Illmatic tour, where he will again play all the tracks from his debut album (with a few surprises and extras I'm sure). In addition Nasir Jones will be screening the Time Is Illmatic documentary on a few stops. While Mr.Jones was aware of the documentary from it's earlier stages, he did not jump on board until he was shown a rough presentation. Nas was impressed with the direction of One9 and writing of Erik Parker. Robert DeNiro's Tribeca Productions is taking on the productions duties for the documentary. The documentary will include Nas' perspective on growing up in the Queen's Bridge project and the upbringing that made him the man he is today. It will also include interviews with Illmatic's producers and emcees/artists who were influenced by the album.

Peep trailer below.

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