05 February 2015

VIDEO: Chris Rivers and Bodega Bamz - LAX to JFK Cypher

Teambackpack.net has a cypher series titled LAX to JFK. It basically pairs emcees from both coasts (and everywhere in between) and has them drop bars on a single beat. I assume they are original beats. And since they are "cyphers", I also assume they are not recycled lyrics. But yall can do the detective work on that. I stumbled across the eighth episode (nine total) of the series because it featured Chris Rivers. For those of you new to hip hop, Chris Rivers is the son of the late great great great Big Pun. Pun's government name is Christopher Rios and like most Hispanic households, he named his only son after himself. Chris Rivers went by Baby Pun for a brief moment but didn't want the weight (no pun intended) of his father's shadow to pigeon hold him as "Pun's son". Instead he created a new moniker by translating his last name. "Rios" in Spanish means "rivers", so we get Chris Rios Rivers (get it?). 

So without further ado, here is Baby Pun and Bogeda Bamz (I know this post is one sided but I don't really have much knowledge of mister Bamz) spitting hot fire over Portland producers Stewart Villain's instrumental. Ok, one more thing. Question for the Big Pun fans: can you hear how Rivers takes the same loud breathes in between lyrics like his father? Pun did it because he was, big. Do you think his son picked it up through nature, or nurture?

Debate! Peep video below.

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