26 May 2015

THE TAPE DECK: Memorial Day Edition

Like most people this morning, waking up was extra tough. But three day weekends do that. And when you spend at least one whole day at a cookout, the itis will linger on. These are the few times a year when I can listen to the radio for long periods of time and not want to remove my eardrum. Memorial Day weekend is one of those times. DJs take this time to craft hour long sessions for all taste: Go Go, Reggae and of course Hip Hop. Thankfully most stations let golden era mixes be the top spins of the day. So whether you were nodding to a boombox in a backyard or bumping some old school in the whip, this was a good weekend for Hip Hop purists nationwide. I tried to remember the few tracks that played this weekend that added the to "first day of summer" vibe.

So peep the most random impromptu list below. Even though there are 10 tracks, it isn't a "Top Ten" list. Just what I could recall hearing. And of course that had a video. Or The Lox Recognize would have DEF been on here. Keep the weekend going.

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