20 January 2016

SINGLE: Kanye West ft. Kendrick Lamar - No More Parties In L.A.

Although missing the GOOD Friday cut-off, on Monday Kanye West released the full version of his collaboration with Kendrick Lamar in "No More Parties in LA." Madlib's masterful production lends well to both Kanye and Kendrick's verses.  The song sounded like a heater in the sample at the end of "Real Friends" with that authentic 'Ye vibe we haven't heard since "Otis."

"I know some fans thought that I wouldn't rap like this again, but the writer's block is over, emcees cancel your plans."

Hearing this song makes me think he is able to bring his sound back to its roots at anytime, which makes it difficult to ever think he's off the deep end.  One thing we saw after 808s was Kanye reminding us he is still capable of cranking out classics with Twisted Fantasy.  There may be a similar relationship between Yeezus and his upcoming album SWISH in February.  Kanye has that safe zone that he can always return to if an experiment doesn't go so well, but it usually means great music for the listener.

We also get to hear Kendrick's entire verse, but 'Ye made sure he didn't get out-shined by the youngin' from Compton.  There's a certain versatility and pure genius in Ye's flow that had been missing for years, but "No More Parties in LA" is vintage Kanye West.  When you think about how great he once was, to the depths of ass he has sucked recently, it's still a shock that Kanye West has actually returned to making normal music again.  And I'm fine with how long it took.  Look, let him do shoes and fashion and throw temper tantrums.  You can't cage or muzzle a mind like his.  I can deal with self-serving rants about his rich guy problems.  I can even deal with an album or two like Yeezus and Cruel Summer as long as I know at some point Kanye gets back to making music more synonymous with his brand's M.O.

Peep "No More Parties in LA" ft. Kendrick Lamar in the Soundcloud link below.

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