14 June 2016

VIDEO: Masta Ace - Young Black Intelligent (Y.B.I.)

Back in May Masta Ace dropped his 5th LP, The Falling Season. And yesterday we finally got some visuals to go with his second single, Young Black Intelligent. Conceptually the album is a narration told through the point of view of a teenage Ace, while at Sheepshead Bay High School in Brooklyn.

The video follows two friends living in the hood. They try to stay out of trouble, but they are surrounded by people who do not. One of the friends keeps his nose in the books and in sports. And of course, trying to talk to girls. While on the way to school, he is jacked for his headphones. Days pass and the other friend decides to pack a gun into his backpack. He confronts the guys whole took his friends headphones. But before he could pull the gun out, his friend stops him. This story could have gone in a very different direction. Ace says stories like this happen regularly around his block. In one second, one decision could affect the rest of your life. During this time period, while Ace went to school and later college, many of his friends ended up in jail. Many of whom are just getting out now. Chuck D caps off the track with some strong words to the youth. Overall, a strong visual to go with a strong track. We salute you Masta Ace.

Peep video below.

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