28 March 2017

SINGLE: Kendrick Lamar - The Heart Part 4

Okay 2017. I see you. We are getting ready for a year that has a nice gumbo of "old" and "new" Hip Hop ready to drop. Whether you bump Migos or Mobb Deep, Big Sean or Lupe Fiasco, Rick Ross or Murs, the last couple of months have shown us a microcosm of how the rest of 2017 will play out. But until this weekend, April 7th was circled on my calendar as the release date for Joey Bada$$ and his next LP, All Amerikkkan Bada$$. Personally I also have Raekwon's next project on my calendar too (and that joint is ON DECK).

And while the Pro Era capo will still make my 2017 playlist (and get reviewed), it is now knocked down to the 1B position. What's 1A? Well, if I take the single "The Heart Part 4" at face value, it is Kendrick Lamar's 4th studio album (most thought the single art alluded to this, but it was actually referencing the fourth installment of his "The Heart" series).

You know what time it is, ante up, this is in forever/
Y'all got 'til April the 7th to get y'all shit together.

Now to get into the single. "The Heart Part 4" instrumental is a tag team effort from Axl Folie, The Alchemist, Syk Sense & DJ Dahi. The track splits up into two parts. The first part is a very simple soulful beat that Kendrick uses to update us on the evolution of his lifestyle. Kendrick is now a multimillionaire and is a worldwide artist. The second part of the track switches into a more ominous beat. And it is at this point that Kendrick drops his "Control Part 2" lyrics, going HARD at the industry. He also hits us with his social commentary on a few smalls things that have taken place over the last couple of months. Some lyrical analysts (if that's not a thing, it needs to be) have speculated that some shots were fired at Big Sean and Drake. Only time will tell (or an interview with a direct answer from King Kendrick), but both emcees have been on the record taking subliminal shots at K Dot. 

I found a video that actually has the lyrics to "The Heart Part 4", because I enjoy Kendrick that much more when I break down and analyse his lyrics (am I a lyrical analyst?). And if you want more, peep the Genius breakdown of the lyrics here.

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