07 March 2017

VIDEO: Joey Bada$$ - Land of the Free

The BITM crew posted the single, "Land of the Free", from Joey Bada$$ when it dropped over a month ago. We are now a month away from the Pro Era capo's second LP, All-Amerikkkan Bada$$. The Brooklyn emcee is at the forefront of the latest evolution of the conscious emcee. Joey has said that this album is "like hella vegetables". But he is aware that the current Hip Hop market demands "candy". This sentiment is one that is echoed by many Hip Hop heads, even by your friendly neighborhood BITM collective (through our postings and podcasts). 

Normally after my informational intro paragraph, I get into a few descriptions of the single/video/album. But I feel this video will have the strongest impact if you go into it with minimal spoilers. If you peeped our single post, you know the lyrics are poignant and jarring. I will say that Joey DID NOT HOLD BACK when it comes to the visuals for "Land of the Free". It is clear that he had a vision and message that he wanted to get across, and boy did he. 

Peep video below, and a Genius interview where he breaks down the lyrics to "Land of the Free".

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