11 April 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Kendrick Lamar Releases Album Title

 It's been an interesting few weeks for fans with Kendrick pretty much enslaving the entire Hip Hop community in anticipation​ for his fourth studio album.  Couple weeks ago we got a teaser track continuing his always impressive "The Heart" series with part IV in which he left fans feeling trolled by mentioning April 7th, a day in which fans assumed they would receive the surprise album.  Turns out that day only ended up being the day he decided to reveal its official release date, which until today lacked both a title and cover.

About an hour ago all of that was resolved with the cover, title, and track list all being revealed.  With the only two features being Rihanna and U2, it is possible that this could be Kendrick's first sonically commercial album.  Maybe he wants to show cats like Drake and Medium Sean that he can rock in their lane as well?  What are your thoughts?

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